20 Best Navy SEAL Podcasts of 2021

Are you wanting to learn more about navy seal? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best navy seal podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, Linkedin us (Linkedin) and we will check it out!

Best Navy SEAL Podcasts 2021

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Danger Close with Jack Carr

  • Publisher: IRONCLAD
  • Total Episodes: 11

Go beyond the books. Jack Carr spent 20 years as a Navy SEAL, where he served as a Team Leader, Platoon Commander, Troop Commander, Task Unit Commander and a sniper. Now, he’s a speaker and the author behind the bestselling Terminal List series. Inspired by actual experiences serving in conflict areas around the world, the novels follow James Reece, a Navy SEAL who becomes embroiled in the world of conspiracies, international espionage and revenge. Now, on his new podcast Danger Close, an IRONCLAD original, Jack takes fans beyond the books with conversations from real-life warriors, tactical experts and fellow writers about the world of the Terminal List, real conflicts, gear and a ton more. 

Unbreakable with Thom Shea

  • Publisher: Thom Shea, Navy SEAL
  • Total Episodes: 222

As a Navy SEAL and leadership trainer, I am constantly looking for ways to simplify life and to seek those human beings that make life simple. Join me if you are committed to simple.

No Turning Back

  • Publisher: Stan McChrystal
  • Total Episodes: 40

No Turning Back is a podcast by retired Army Four-Star General Stan McChrystal and former Navy SEAL Chris Fussell. In this series, they explore the future of leadership and teams with the world’s most consequential leaders. From CEOs to political leaders to deep thinkers, Stan and Chris will bring you advice from the brightest minds about how to tackle the most pressing organizational and institutional challenges we face.

Last Good Fight

  • Publisher: Justin Knowles
  • Total Episodes: 41

Daily dose of motivation to face life’s challenges every day. Sharing stories and lessons learned that will inspire you to be a better human and keep fighting. Justin is a former Navy SEAL and Entrepreneur. Instagram @lastgoodfight or via email [email protected] Support this podcast:

SEAL Training Podcast

  • Publisher: Chris Sajnog: Navy SEAL Instructor
  • Total Episodes: 67

Science-based Education for Accelerated Learning. Retired Navy SEAL sniper instructor, Chris Sajnog is taking aim at mediocrity in these short podcasts. Learn, Live and Love like a warrior with topics on training, motivation, fitness, meditation, diet, and fighting.

Fun Therapy

  • Publisher: Mike Foster
  • Total Episodes: 57

Fun Therapy with Mike Foster dives into the beautifully messy parts of our not-so-perfect lives. Episodes feature a candid “therapy” session with a special guest and Mike’s unique perspective on building emotional fitness in our lives. With the kindness of Mr. Rogers and the no-nonsense of a Navy SEAL, his unique style reveals the truth and beauty residing in all of us. With a lush musical score by Sleeping At Last, consider this your guide to turn your setbacks into super powers. Learn more at:

Kill Cliff Podcast

  • Publisher: Kill Cliff
  • Total Episodes: 53

Kill Cliff brings you the Kill Cliff Podcast in collaboration with Entreprenerds Comedy. The Kill Cliff Podcast features top performers out there dominating their competition daily. From Olympic athletes and coaches to elite military operators and business minds, this show focuses on the journey of its guests in their unyielding commitment to performance and success. Kill Cliff was founded and created by a former Navy SEAL with the spirit of giving back to the community and makes clean and tasty sports drinks for energy, endurance, and recovery. Kill Cliff honors the dedication and sacrifice made by these warriors and their families by donating a portion of the proceeds through an Official Partnership with the Navy SEAL Foundation. Visit and follow Kill Cliff on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram @killcliff

WHOOP Podcast

  • Publisher: WHOOP
  • Total Episodes: 126

At WHOOP, we are on a mission to unlock human performance. We measure the body 24/7 and provide detailed analytics to our members regarding strain, recovery, sleep, HRV and more. Our clients range from the best professional athletes in the world, to Navy SEALs, to fitness enthusiasts, to Fortune 500 CEOs and executives. The common thread among WHOOP members is a passion to improve. What does it take to optimize performance for athletes, for executives, for anyone? We’ve launched this podcast to dig deeper. WHOOP Founder & CEO Will Ahmed interviews a variety of athletes, experts and industry leaders.

First Class Fatherhood

  • Publisher: First Class Fatherhood
  • Total Episodes: 504

We are not Babysitters, we are fathers, and not just fathers, we are First Class Fathers! Welcome to First Class Fatherhood, a Podcast with a vision to change the narrative of Fatherhood & Family Life. I have interviewed over 400 high profile Dads including NFL Legends (Deion Sanders, Kurt Warner, Tom Brady) Navy SEALs (Jocko Willink, Marcus Luttrell) Actors (Matthew McConaughey, Dean Cain) Skateboarding Icon Tony Hawk UFC President Dana White & many more. Everyday is Fathers Day on First Class Fatherhood Support this podcast:

Billion Dollar Body

  • Publisher: Nicholas Bayerle- speaker, author, podcast host, creator of the Billion Dol
  • Total Episodes: 276

Nicholas Bayerle is on a mission to help you create your ultimate state of health, power, and confidence. We bring on the top experts such as Ryan Michler, Cole Hatter, Drew Canole, Peng Joon, Dan Lok, Navy Seals, and so many more. Listen every Wednesday for a new interview and every Friday for the exclusive Power Couple Episode featuring Amanda Bayerle.


  • Publisher: Erik Huberman
  • Total Episodes: 37

No one decides to wake up one day and walk across Antarctica. Or leave their bohemian parents and join the Navy Seals. Or any number of crazy, amazing things that people do. These aren’t the dreams most kids have. And yet, fascinating people have done them. How? Why? HawkeTalk is a podcast all about the origin stories of the most interesting people in the world. Today, you know our guests as famous athletes, authors, and entrepreneurs . . . but there’s so much more to the story. How did they navigate upbringings that seem so far from what they eventually became? What were those pivotal moments that steered them in a new and fascinating direction forever? Buckle up: Everyone loves a good origin story.


  • Publisher: US Special Operations Command
  • Total Episodes: 18

Listen to members of America’s elite special operations forces gather to discuss leadership and current issues. Hear from special operations personnel like Navy SEALs, Army Green Berets, Army Rangers, Marine Raiders, Air Force Special Operators, pilots, medics, communicators, and more! Join our hosts, USSOCOM Senior Enlisted Leader Greg Smith and Green Beret Sgt. Major Matt Parrish, as they speak with special operations guests, past and present, about their experiences. SOFcast is the U.S. Special Operations Command official podcast where we harness the power of storytelling to connect you directly to thought-provoking and unique perspectives from our force. The Special Operations Command Enterprise consists of special operations personnel and enablers from across all of the military services and this podcast is a rare opportunity to hear their stories directly from those that lived them! USSOCOM comprises some of the best leaders in the world and SOFcast highlights and connects these leaders’ stories and lessons learned to our worldwide audience. SOFcast gives the Special Operations community a place to share authentic stories and adventures to make us better, safer, and more effective. Sharing our unique perspectives and experiences creates a distinct opportunity to shape current and future SOF through conversations. We believe that leadership is critically important at all levels, throughout every element of SOF and that leadership can be honed through hearing and understanding the trials and triumphs of others. BONUS EPISODES – every few episodes our hosts will welcome a guest for a special “Shots from the Field” episode. These episodes feature real questions from SOF members about real issues within our force. Our panelists have 15 minutes per topic to give real in-depth answers that go beyond the Command talking points. These episodes are filled with back-and-forth debate and argument from the “devil’s advocate” side in order to get to the heart of some really controversial and relevant current issues. If you have a topic you’d like to hear discussed, please leave a comment! This is the official special operations podcast. These are our stories. New episodes released every two weeks. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SOFcast is the U.S. Special Operations Command official podcast where we harness the power of storytelling to connect you directly to thought-provoking and unique perspectives from our force. Listen to members of America’s elite special operations forces gather to discuss current issues. We believe that leadership is critically important at all levels, throughout every element of SOF and that leadership can be honed through hearing and understanding the trials and triumphs of others. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ #specialoperations #specialforces #military #sof #army #navy #marines #airforce #navyseal #sealteam #frogman #greenberet #ranger #marsoc #operator #tactical #theonlyeasydaywasyesterday #podcast

The Power of Thought

  • Publisher: Brandon Webb
  • Total Episodes: 58

After leaving the SEAL Teams Brandon lost everything, his first business along with his entire life savings, and then divorce. Brandon used a system of positive mental management, learned during his time as the head instructor for the Navy SEAL sniper program, and built a successful second career as an author and media and ecommerce entrepreneur. The show discusses life hacks to become successful in any endeavor you choose, and includes some of the world’s most powerful thought leaders and their secrets to success.

1 Insight

  • Publisher: Rich Litvin, Founder of 4PC
  • Total Episodes: 77

If you’re the most interesting person in the room… you’re in the wrong room. 1 Insight – coaching for high-level leaders becoming high-level coaches. Because a single insight can change EVERYTHING… Rich Litvin has coached some of the most successful and talented people on the planet – from billion dollar business owners to former Navy Seals. He wrote a book for coaches that has sold over 50,000 copies, by word of mouth. And he is the founder of a community of extraordinary top performers, called 4PC. Ultra-successful people are the ones who call Rich. His clients include Olympic athletes, Presidential candidates, Hollywood film directors, Special Forces operatives and serial entrepreneurs. Rich sees what most people cannot see – and he dares to say what most people would not say. And each week on this podcast, he will be challenging the thinking of high performers – from leaders in the corporate world, to successful entrepreneurs, to military veterans to high level coaches. 1 INSIGHT… because a single insight can change everything.

Last 8% Morning

  • Publisher: Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry, Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence Expert
  • Total Episodes: 127

Most people struggle to lead effectively and have the relationships, career, and life they want because they lack the tools to confront the more difficult situations they face. The Last 8% Morning podcast gives you the skills to use your most difficult situations as opportunities to transform into the best version of yourself so you can have the kind of life and impact you want to have in the world. In the Last 8% Morning, Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry, co-founder of the Institute for Health and Human Potential and NY Times best-selling author of Performing Under Pressure, personally guides you through a morning routine which integrates Movement (walking) + Mindfulness + Mental training exercises. So as opposed to starting the day by picking up your phone and reading newsfeeds/texts, which only spikes your cortisol and wears you out, put this podcast in your ear and let JP guide you to start the day. Designed over the last 24 years working with Olympic athletes, NFL and NBA teams, Navy Seals and individuals in organizations around the world, we are now making this resource available to you in this form. Let’s walk! #mindfulness #emotionalintelligence #meditation #movement #fitness #health #eq #peopleskills #work from home #covidstress

Brendan Carr Podcast

  • Publisher: Brendan Carr
  • Total Episodes: 67

Brendan Carr interviews the world’s best leaders. Previous guests include Navy SEALs, #1 New York Times bestselling authors, CEOs, and more. Listen anywhere you get your podcasts, and please rate and review the podcast if you enjoy it. In 2018, Brendan Carr teamed up with the Navy Leadership and Ethics Center to produce 12 podcasts with guests featured on the Navy Reading List and Navy Movie List. Those episodes are archived here. DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed in this content are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any agency of the U.S. government.

Talking to Cool People w/ Jason Frazell

  • Publisher: Jason Frazell
  • Total Episodes: 76

Talking to Cool People is an interview show where Jason, you guessed it, talks to cool people! His belief is that everyone is cool and everyone has a fascinating story to tell. Subscribe to enjoy fun, inspirational, and vulnerable conversations with people from all walks of life and from all over the world. With guests ranging from CEOs to college students, from Navy Seals to therapists, from authors to musicians and everything in between, you never know where the conversations are going to go and what you’ll learn. New episodes drop on Wednesday mornings.

Project War Path MAN TIME

  • Publisher: Project War Path
  • Total Episodes: 11

A couple of Navy SEALs talking about our life’s journey from the wars overseas to the wars at home. We hit current events, veterans healing, reintegration with family, manhood, and ultimately how to be a better person and better American.

Outdoor Acumen

  • Publisher: Outdoor Acumen
  • Total Episodes: 7

Outdoor Acumen is owned and operated by a Navy SEAL Combat Veteran. We discuss anything that has to do the with the outdoors to include: hunting, fishing, camping, public lands initiatives and anything else that has to do with the outdoor lifestyle. We will also cover interesting people in the outdoor industry. We are listener-centric which means we will let the listeners have an impact on which direction we take this podcast. Thanks for listening!

The Self Defense Channel

  • Publisher: Greg Pasden & Doc Stull
  • Total Episodes: 38

Your odds of a successful Self Defense are monumentally greater if you are prepared… because Bad people exist. Each episode covers realistic self defense stories, scenarios, strategies and life saving tips that might just save your life. Why can we say this? Because we regularly have expert guests from the CIA, NAVY SEALS, ARMY RANGERS, MARINE RECON, LEOs, US Intelligence Experts who share their experiences and tactics that work. Weekly Topics include and revolve around REAL WORLD ATTACKS & SCENARIOS: Bullying, Active Shooter Response, Abusive Co-Workers, High School Self Defense, Campus Self Defense, College Self Defense, Travel Self Defense, Rape, Car Jackings, Situational Awareness, Mental Mindset, Riots, Shopping Mall Violence, Restaurant Ambush, On a Plane, Public Transportation/Taxis, Elevator, Public Restrooms, Pumping Fuel in your vehicle, Being Followed in your car, Being Followed on foot, Road Rage, Parking Lot – Getting in and out of your car, Anti-Kidnapping/Abduction, Self Defense for Women, Self Defense for Seniors, Self Defense for REALTORS, Active Shooter, E.D.C., Prepping for Specific Real Life Scenarios, Neighbors – Creating a Team, Home Proofing, Mental Mindset – Mentally preparing to defend yourselfAnd more. Weekly Guests will include: Agents from organizations with lots of letters, Special Forces, Self Defense Instructors, Law Enforcement, Professional Fighters, Celebrities, Advisors to the CIA, and more… Why Listen To The Self Defense Channel?Self Defense Training Saves Lives. Period. “Life Changing” and “Eye Opening.” When attackers ask you to come with them, or “Get in the Car!”… It’s not because they want to take you to dinner or to go to a movie… Self Defense prepares people for any type of “Bad Guy” assault… Verbal, Mental, Physical, Intimidation, Weapons, Multiple Attackers, By Bringing awareness in these troubling times, it is our hopes that more people will begin taking care of the most valuable person in the world – Themselves – by getting Self Defense Training. About your Host – Greg Pasden is a COBRA Self Defense instructor, an NRA certified instructor, a Cane Self-Defense Empowerment Coach, a retired military pilot with 22 years of combat experience, an international cargo pilot, a world traveler, and adventurer. He is a former collegiate bodybuilder, boxer, fencer, and he is still an advocate for fitness and a healthy lifestyle. He has been assaulted, attacked and been involved in multiple mugging attempts. He has worked with US and NATO Special Forces, law enforcement, nameless agents from organizations with lots of designating letters, and martial arts experts from around the globe. Now he is sharing Self Defense Tips That Might Just Save Your Life. About your co-Host – Doc Stull is a retired educator, ESPN radio host/writer/narrator, spoken-word performer, musician, professional American accent trainer with clients word-wide, founder of American Speech Dynamics and, an Advanced Instructor Cane Self-Defense Empowerment Coach.  We truly do not want people to experience the terror of a brutal attack. It can be physically painful, life changing, as well as mentally damaging. Grab your favorite drink, and listen to The Self Defense Channel. …The next 15 minutes might just Save Your Life or the life of someone you love. Subscribe and Become Fearless … The Self Defense Channel. [email protected]


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