24 Hour Security Value Highlighted by Wave of Vandalism Against Denver-Area Catholic Churches, says United Protective Services LLC

DENVER, Nov. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — An October 10 article on The Denver Channel reports on a wave of incidents of hateful vandalism against Catholic Churches and property throughout Colorado over the past few months, most recently against the widely noted Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. The article notes that the Cathedral alone has been targeted three separate times since July, with the most recent incident occurring just before a morning service. Denver-based United Protective Services LLC says that the late night and early morning vandalism highlights the value of 24 hour security.

United Protective Services says bad actors tend to focus on locations without any kind of security presence, like most churches, because they have little desire to encounter authority figures of any kind. The firm notes that while the vandal or vandals discussed in the article may be mentally disturbed, the fact that they’re targeting locations before hours suggests that they have no more desire to face the consequences of their actions than more stable wrongdoers.

The company says that posting visible security around a property can make a massive difference in the frequency of these incidents. With petty criminals, a policy of deterrence is usually highly effective. United Protective Services notes that more often than not, bad actors will simply move on to easier targets where the risk of being caught appears to be much lower. Security patrols, marked vehicles, and cameras in obvious locations broadcast a message to would-be troublemakers that they’ll like be caught if they try to do anything amiss. In the rare event that these bad actors make the wrong choice anyway, the firm continues, trained security can respond quickly. Moreover, United Protective Services says high-end surveillance equipment can capture evidence that can be handed over to police, greatly increasing the chance of bringing perpetrators to justice.

United Protective Services says these services can be similarly beneficial for other purposes too, offering event security guard services as an example. Aside from providing a fast response to any disturbances, security guards can run crowd control, provide general info to guests, and act as a warning that criminal acts won’t be tolerated.

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