Axis Security Provides Secure, Zero-Trust, Remote Access to Organizations with Globally Dispersed Teams

Axis Security provides simple, streamlined zero trust secure remote access for modern organizations with globally dispersed workforces of employees, contractors, and 3rd parties.

How are you solving that problem?

Axis makes application access amazingly simple. The Axis Application Access Cloud simplifies application access by enabling connectivity through a purpose-built cloud security platform. With it, enterprises keep users off the corporate network and applications isolated from both the network and the internet, to greatly reduce their attack surface.

IT teams use Axis Security to easily solve all their remote access use cases, even difficult scenarios such as safely connecting remote employees with BYOD, employees of an acquisition, outside contractors, supply-chain partners, and other 3rd parties.

The simplicity of the App Access Cloud makes it an ideal solution to replace multiple disparate and complicated access technologies such as virtual private networks (VPN), virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), application delivery controllers (ADC), cloud access security brokers (CASB), and more with a single, simple Zero Trust service.

How has the pandemic impacted your company?

What the pandemic showed was that secure, remote access to enterprise assets  is a fundamental business operations requirement. Legacy access methods (VPN, VDI, ADC, MPLS, and more) burden the enterprise with excessive complexity, lack of scalability, poor user experience, and drastically increased data breach risk by enabling excessive access to vulnerable corporate resources. 

The Axis Security Application Access Cloud is a Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) SaaS solution purpose-built to be fast, simple, and secure. It is now possible to deliver IT services to users and improve the overall security posture of an organization simultaneously. It is amazingly simple to deploy, easy to use, and enforces continuous, adaptive security controls for access to corporate applications and resources, delivering ZTNA for secure access service edge (SASE) environments.

Where do you see your company going in 5 years?

Axis will be a leading vendor in the emerging SASE space. Secure Access Service Edge  is a new model for delivering security to where your employees are. It converges many networking and security functions into a single solution delivered from the cloud.

What is the next big challenge in information security?

Businesses need to provide security where the users are. With SASE, security is delivered via edge cloud services that consolidate key security and networking functionality, including SWG, CASB ZTNA, and SD-WAN.

There are many roadblocks on the road to SASE success. Like zero trust itself, SASE is a commitment to an approach. We are likely to see vendor consolidation as those with strengths in one area of SASE, look to fill gaps in their portfolio, and vice versa. This immaturity in the SASE tech stack can act as an inhibitor, along with questions about architectural concerns when the merger dust settles. ZTNA solutions, like Axis Application Access Cloud, are a first step in dissolving barriers between network and security teams.

Dor Knafo, CEO and co-founder of Axis Security

How do people get involved/buy into your vision?

SASE is Gartner’s vision for the future of security delivered from the cloud. The industry is behind it as indicated by Cisco’s just issued CISO Survival Guide, a survey of 100 CISO and security leaders. The findings are eye opening — they demonstrate a massive shift happening in the way security, and security services are delivered. The report found that 98% of CISOs plan to spend on Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solutions, and more than half said they would prioritize between 25% and 75% of future spending on SASE solutions.

Axis Security is a great place to start your zero-trust journey.

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