Bering Labs Launches a New Platform to Build Secure, Compliant, Audit Ready Apps in the Regulated Sectors

CHICAGO, Jan. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Bering Labs, a software development company for highly regulated industries, has announced the release of its flagship product — ServiceHub®. ServiceHub® is a Zero Trust Software Development Platform that creates regulatory-compliant applications for the finance, technology, healthcare, and banking industries. ServiceHub®’s prebuilt functionality can now be used by companies of all sizes to create secure, audit-ready apps that comply with PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOC2, ISO 27001 and other regulations.

Bering Labs

Bering Labs assists businesses in developing highly secure, regulatory-compliant applications with their quality team of GRC compliance experts, technology architects, security engineers, developers, and cybersecurity experts. Those who have previously used Bering Labs include Missouri’s State Government in the United States, Sunset Technologies, one of the largest HIPPA solution suppliers in the United States and State Chartered Banks.

What is ServiceHub®?

Bering Lab’s flagship product, ServiceHub®, provides well-tested, prebuilt APIs to assemble an app and avoid building application code from scratch. These prebuilt APIs are security-conscious and identity-aware, enabling companies to create secure, regulatory-compliant applications in finance and healthcare sectors. Existing software applications can also be secured and made compliant by incorporating privacy and security policies directly into the code and databases using ServiceHub®. This is especially beneficial for industries that rely on a highly secure digital environment and must comply with HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOC2 or other stringent regulations.

What are the benefits of ServiceHub®?

Most of the current security solutions address only one aspect of security: they either secure data, applications or infrastructure. This is a significant gap because security must be enforced at all levels to be completely secure and regulatory compliant. ServiceHub® addresses this issue by providing the most advanced method for securing, observing, and monitoring cloud native apps as well as ensuring that all traffic is encrypted and protected by the appropriate security policy at the data, application and infrastructure levels.

Whitelist APIs

ServiceHub® offers pre-built, reusable functionality and APIs to build regulatory compliant applications. Its extensive APIs catalogue provides turnkey solutions for a wide range of use cases in the financial services and healthcare sectors. Highly configurable and can be customized to satisfy unique business needs and allows companies to save development costs.

Continuous Compliance

ServiceHub® is built to create peace of mind for businesses and their customers by ensuring that regulatory compliance requirements are met by strict security and compliance protocols. It provides automated observability and has security measures in place to protect and encrypt the data. Real-time attack protection is utilized along with the automated detection and response.

The United States government’s cybersecurity executive order mandates Zero Trust security for the federal systems and regulated industries. ServiceHub® apps are built on Zero Trust Architecture to protect distributed resources by using strong authentication methods, adaptive security policies and micro segmentation. ServiceHub® threat intelligence AI constantly monitors cloud systems to ensure that they are secured to the highest standards. Businesses can define their own security policies, automate security operations by removing the need to review each policy change manually and reduce the risk of an organisational level breach by limiting blast radius and segment access.

More information

Those interested in using ServiceHub® to digitize their services can learn more or book a demo through the website. For all other questions or concerns, please contact

Bering Labs Global Demo Team

[email protected]

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