Business Leader Khalid Parekh Launches AMSYS Energy Following Acquisition of 84 Acre, Three Injection Well Energy Services Company Blackwater SWD

HOUSTON, March 9, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Close on the heels of being named a top cybersecurity company by The Houston Business Journal for the fifth year in a row, AMSYS Group has now launched AMSYS Energy following their acquisition of the 84 Acre, three injection well energy services company Blackwater SWD.

AMSYS Innovative Solutions, LLC, the technology and cyber security portfolio company of AMSYS Group, assisted AMSYS Energy in automating the facility, including the installation of state-of-the-art IOT sensors and ticketing software. So far, their work has significantly increased capacity.

“All of us at AMSYS Group are super excited about having purchased Blackwater SWD and subsequently launching our newest division, AMSYS Energy. We know this will serve our growing customer needs in the midstream sectors, and are 100% committed to providing 24/7 fluids management services to all operators in the South Texas Eagle Ford areas,” states AMSYS Group Founder & CEO Khalid Parekh. “In addition, this is the latest example of AMSYS Group purchasing a company in a new industry and implementing technology and business processes to create efficiency and productivity.”

Amsys Energy’s Midstream Solutions provides oilfield fluid hauling for the collection, storage, and disposal of produced water and flowback water. Their fleet will meet the fluid hauling demands of their client’s wells, with their excellent service surpassing expectations. In addition, their fleet can also deliver or transfer complementary fluids and chemicals upon request, thereby making client company fluid hauling logistics more manageable so they can focus on their broad company goals.

AMSYS Energy owns the La Salle County saltwater disposal facility located in Artesia Wells, Texas with capacities of up to 75,000 barrels per day. The wells are permitted to dispose of saltwater and incidental non-hazardous oil and natural gas wastes throughout the operational base in South Texas. Learn more at AMSYS Energy provides 24 Hour Dispatch Services at 830-301-0786. Its corporate Headquarters is at 10101 Southwest Freeway, Suite 570, Houston, TX 77074 and its phone number is 713-484-7786. The Yard/Disposal facilities of AMSYS Energy is located at 11697 S I-35 Artesia Wells, TX 78001. Please email [email protected] for additional information.

AMSYS Group is a leading global investment firm. In our 20th year, we continue to extend our expertise across multiple business sectors, including Energy, Technology, Finance, Logistics, Engineering and Healthcare. All AMSYS Group work is backed by seasoned teams of experts with decades of experience in their respective fields. In addition, we pride ourselves as a long-term business partner based on the principles of integrity, honor, and mutual gain. All AMSYS Group decisions are made keeping in mind the prosperity of the AMSYS Family, including employees, clients, or partners. Learn more about AMSYS Group by visiting or calling 713-484-7786.

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