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Criskco, The Company That Seeks to Simplify Lending and Credits for Businesses Worldwide

CRiskCo is an international FinTech company with offices in the United States, Israel, Mexico, and Australia. Its CEO, Erez Saf, launched the company in 2015. CRiskCo provides open financials to lenders, allowing them to provide digital loans to SMBs. CRiskCo’s platform simplifies the lending process and provides a credit score for businesses by analyzing data from accounting systems (Open Accounting), external data sources (as SAT, ATO etc) and applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. We provide financial summaries, customers and supplier listings, individual invoices and analytics all in one platform and in real time. With this innovative solution, CRiskCo is able to connect more businesses to lenders who can help them achieve their objectives. 


While 99.7% of businesses are Small to medium businesses, 49% of them have no access to credit. This is due to the fact that the underwriting process is manual, requiring a considerable effort in gathering various sources of data as well as a lengthy and costly procedure that takes an average of 21 days. As a result, a lender does not go through this process with every customer.


To address this problem, CRiskCo has developed a “One Click” onboarding digital platform that allows lenders to connect to the SMB’s accounting system, analyze the data, and receive a visual dashboard with a thorough risk analysis. This allows financial institutions to analyze real-time data at the moment of application and to continually re-evaluate the loan’s risk as it progresses through its life cycle. We help bankers to understand specific firms without having a deep understanding of them, and we enable business owners to describe their background without having a deep understanding of finance when requesting credit.

CRiskCo’s Analytics Dashboard

Our vision is to be the leading force that helps business owners to fulfill their dreams by connecting business owners and lenders on a single platform.

Credit availability for SMBs has become one of the key bottlenecks for these businesses’ economic survival in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. CRiskCo fulfills the pressing need for lenders to be able to effectively assess credit risk in the digitized manner circumstances require. Our unique feature of on-going monitoring of business financials allow the lenders to reassess the portfolio performance even through the COVID-19 dynamic changing market.

CRiskco’s clients range from smaller alternative leaders, community banks, Fortune 100 companies, and governments. We aim to be the platform that every bank and credit provider uses to analyze the risk when a SMB requests finance. We enable credit providers (businesses, banks, and other enterprises) to connect to the right of an accounting system to work with us quickly and effortlessly using our fast and ready-to-use API.

CRiskCo’s Customer Dashboard

CRiskCo invites you to join us in expanding our network and supporting small and medium-sized enterprises.

To know more about us, check out our website: 

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