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DefiniSec Wants to Help You Stop the Most Sophisticated Cyber Security Threats of Today

DefiniSec provides host/ endpoint application data security and management independent from software and infrastructure. We apply controls that are designed to stop today’s most advanced threats while at the same time empowering IT to maintain continuous control over data distributed across disparate systems. This helps teams maintain Business Continuity while increasing Incident Response and Recovery using our selective SaaS service components, with minimal disruption, administrative overhead, and end-user impact.

What Problem Are You Trying to Solve?

In 2014 DefiniSec set out to inhibit nation-state Intellectual Property theft from technology companies. Because a lot of attention has been applied to cloud migration and associated back-end system security, host/endpoint application data has been somewhat overlooked.

Today’s controls are somewhat limited to corporate protections deployed to managed assets, which isn’t helpful when content is shared through cloud services and to third parties – customers, partners, and vendors.

We set out to provide the means to gain control of this content in a way that was easy to deploy, simple to administer, and didn’t inhibit end-user flexibility and productivity.

How Are You Solving That Problem?

SSProtect uses KODiAC Encryption, our patented cryptographic offloading facility that creates, manages, and separates host-and-cloud-based keys such that an attacker must breach both the host and the cloud in order to decrypt to plaintext. Controls are applied independent from the software and infrastructure being used, maintaining existing desktop software workflows that reduce end-user disruption and training.

KODiAC Encryption, as a result, creates a central point of control and visibility that includes built-in, fine-grained 2FA, cloud-isolated usage auditing and reporting, and secure, version-based Data Backup and Restore. This is our foundation platform for layered Administrative services such as Backup/ Restore, Disaster Recovery, Ransomware/ Sabotage Remediation, and Objective Disclosure Risk Reporting.

SSProtect applies control across the data lifecycle, maintaining effective control before, during, and after a data breach.

How Has the Pandemic Impacted Your Company?

As corporations more pervasively rely on remote workers, sensitive end-user data spends more time outside direct corporate security controls. Our software facilitates rapid protection since SSProtect applies protection directly to the data. This allows teams to maintain uniform control across disparate systems while taking the time required to design, purchase, provision, and deploy more aggressive controls for home offices.

Where Do You See Your Company Going In 5 Years?

We expect to form several industry-specific business units developing and releasing innovation specific to each’s unique needs. Our ability to span non-uniform systems and technologies allows us to offer host data protection for those that have in the past been inhibited with limited coverage and interoperability.

As we expand into new territories, we’ll staff industry experts to lead and drive these business units, leveraging the SSProtect/ KODiAC platform to create new system solutions directly from end-user specifications.

What Is the Next Big Challenge in Information Security?

We don’t expect Ransomware threat levels to stop growing in the coming years, though in parallel, we do expect more prolific data disclosure from Malicious Insiders.

We’re already positioned to address these concerns with our cryptographic offloading and cloud-specific usage auditing, inhibiting Insiders from covering their tracks.

We also offer Honeypots, controls that provide early warnings for malicious activity. We expect to spend more effort in these areas, learning from our customers and direct experience, to offer more aggressive protections and inhibit expected growth.

How Do People Get Involved/Buy into Your Vision?

Our self-service deployment model allows teams to deploy and administer protections for small, focused groups of users with the ability to expand to larger deployments over time, quickly and easily.

This aligns with a growing trend in distributed IT management without limiting central consolidation as our technology is more pervasively deployed. Whether shadow IT or informally endorsed by overtaxed corporate IT teams, we can work directly with independent administrators to help them meet their needs – both today and tomorrow.

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