FPT Techday 2021 Thrive in The Green Normal

HANOI, Vietnam, Dec. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — FPT, ranked among Southeast Asia’s most prominent technology businesses, recently held the Annual Technology Forum – FPT Techday 2021 under the theme “Thrive in The Green Normal.” The event attracted over 100,000 attendees, including over 5,000 enterprises from various industries such as manufacturing, real estate, banking & finance… and thousands of young, tech-passionate individuals.

FPT launched a portfolio of products during the event, to assist organizations in securing resources, operating more flexibly and accelerating business. Specifically, FPT eCovax, the name of the portfolio of products, is based on AI and Big Data technology to assist businesses in remaining safe, flexible, and meeting recruitment needs in the advent of the pandemic by digitizing the entire recruitment process; providing support for screening interviews and appropriate job orientation via Bot AI; and storing, analyzing, and forecasting candidate needs.

Another product is FPT.AI Advisory Virtual Assistant, the next-generation artificial intelligence-based virtual assistant and electronic signature solution FPT.eContract and FPT.CA, assist businesses in accelerating their operations during a pandemic. With FPT AI Reader Flex and Ubot, all text documents with different information structures and corporate business procedures can be readily digitized and automated, enabling enterprises to function flexibly.

More than that, FPT showcased “The Smart Green City” model for the first time at the event (The Green Smart City with six main components: Green Government, Green Enterprise, Green Education, Green Health, Green Life, Green Mobility). The exhibition provides a comprehensive experience of a new normal world that has been rebuilt, operated, and flexibly connected based on technology’s core foundation. Nearly 50 solutions and technology products from FPT contribute to ensuring safety in all situations and economic development.

About FPT Techday: this is an annual technology forum conducted by FPT Corporation, one of Vietnam’s largest and most prestigious corporations. From 2013 to the present, FPT Techday has built a brand around the confluence of business trends and new technologies described in lessons, experiences, and practical solutions from consultants and leading technology experts from domestic and international sources. FPT used the event to reaffirm its role and position as a pioneer in digital transformation in Vietnam while also pursuing the goal of becoming one of the Top 50 enterprises in the country delivering comprehensive digital transformation services on a global scale.

Mr. Truong Gia Binh, Chairman of the FPT, expressed the following: “We have just one approach to battle and defeat COVID-19: we must move faster than the virus’s mutations. And technology has the potential to assist us. With technology, we are capable of defeating COVID-19. With technology, businesses can reconstruct all management, operation and business activities to accelerate and break through. With technology, individuals can safely adapt to the epidemic. With technology, by 2045, Vietnam can become an affluent country!”

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FPT Techday 2021 Thrive in The Green Normal