Free WEBGAP Remote Browser Isolation For The OSINT Community

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Oct. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Remote browser isolation (RBI) cybersecurity vendor WEBGAP today announced that they would be providing free remote browsers to open source intelligence (OSINT) researchers engaged in legitimate OSINT research or investigations in a show of support for the community.

CEO Guise Bule said today, “Through my work at Secjuice, I have become close friends with a number of OSINT investigators and they mostly all have the same problem, the problem of protecting themselves online as they gather intelligence during their investigations. The answer to that problem of course is a physically isolated remote browser and as long as you are an individual researcher engaged in legitimate OSINT research our remote browsers will always be free for you. We support the OSINT community, their essential work, and their volunteers”.

WEBGAP CISO Ryan Miller said, “There’s a lot of publicly available threat data sitting on the internet, OSINT is a method of collecting publicly available threat data which enables cybersecurity teams to better protect themselves and their organizations. We want to help OSINT researchers engaged in that mission protect themselves when online, and giving them a free remote browser is a great way of doing that”.

If you’re an OSINT researcher and you’re interested in a free RBI account, get in touch with WEBGAP at [email protected].

Media Contact

Katelyn Larson, WEBGAP, +1 4159065464, [email protected]





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