HackerNoon “Startups of Year” Crowns 1,382 Emerging Businesses to Watch in 2022

EDWARDS, Colo., March 4, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — HackerNoon, the technology publishing company, announced the results of their first ever Startups of the Year Awards, celebrating the businesses across the globe that not only survived but also thrived through the pandemic. Startups of the Year awards were hosted on HackerNoon’s Voting Software in partnership with Brex, ByBit, and Blockster.

Since June 26, 2021, 44,427 startups were nominated across 16 different regions of the world, and the community in total gave 234,344 votes. This unique social data shows where people think startups are growing, in addition to which startup is the most trending in every major city in the world. As part of the open data movement, HackerNoon open sourced all the voting data as “/where-startups-trend” on GitHub.

The 1382 winners all received perks from sponsors, like 3,000 Brex Points, and a tech company news page from HackerNoon. These pages include business overviews (such as head count, founding year, bio, social links, and domain ranking) coupled with dynamic updates every time the company is mentioned in HackerNoon stories or relevant headlines around the web.

During the 6 month long campaign, Startup of the Year nominees have been sharing their experiences, challenges and ideas in a series of interviews. The winners have been announced on Valentine’s day (symbolically, to show the love to the best and brightest according to the internet).

Around the internet here’s what winners had to say about the Startups of the Year.

“Zetl is proud to announce that we’ve won HackerNoon’s 2021 Startups of the Year! Last year marked an incredible year for us. Thank you to everyone, especially our customers, partners and investors, who have helped us along in our journey.” – Zetl, winner of Wan Chai, East Asia

“Happy Valentine’s Day, dear OBOTers!

We have won @hackernoon’s Startups of the Year award! Thank you all for your support and LOVE! It’s a great honor to be among so many inspiring start-ups, to the best year ahead! ” – Obortech, winner of Tallin, Estonia

“This is a testament to both our supportive community, and hard-working team. Can’t wait to share everything else we have in store…It’s going to be a good year” – CENNZnet, the winner in Auckland, New Zealand

The complete list of the winners can be found in this extensive series on HackerNoon, but here is the peak of the most popular ones, according to the number of votes

North and Central America

America, where dreams happen, the capital of fashion, showbiz, business, major industry, etc., and surely, of Startups! Representing North and Central America, we have:

  • Boulder (14.563 votes) –
  • New York City (10.521 votes) – Hum Capital
  • San Francisco (7.987 votes) – Zentist
  • Redwood City (7.713 votes) – TigerGraph


Charming, sophisticated, cosmopolitan. There are many beautiful words used to describe this region; with its eccentric vibe; Europe is also a place where new Startups thrive. Stand-in for Europe, presented are:

  • Budapest (30.047 votes) – Bitrise
  • Belfast (10.010 votes) – Bob & Berts
  • Ghent (5.066 votes) – WeGroup
  • Porto (4.712 votes) – TAIKAI
  • City of London (3.779 votes) – Crypto Quantique


The heat, the beaches, roaming kangaroos, or tarantulas? No. Startups! Representing the continent of Oceania are:

  • Sydney (1.011 votes) – shotstack
  • Melbourne (430 votes) – Doohly
  • Gold Coast (118 votes) – Easil
  • Tauranga (76 votes) – LawVu
  • Western Junction (40 votes) – Today We Learned


Diverse in both ethnicity and culture, known for exotic sceneries as well as friendly people. Many Asian countries are on the verge of mass globalization and modernization, with the fast developing economy, it gives way for many potential Startups. We present, for Asia:

  • Singapore (12.686 votes) – Cake DeFi
  • Tel Aviv (3.355 votes) – Applitools
  • Beirut (2.402 votes) – Hovi Digital Lab
  • Hyderabad (1.006 votes) – Quixy
  • Hanoi (756 votes) – DeFi For You


The second biggest continent in the world, home to many big animals, the longest river in the world AND the largest desert in the world. Africa is known for many big things and sure enough, big Startups. Representing Africa, there are:

  • Johannesburg (884 votes) – MiBRAND
  • Lagos (804 votes) – Goodtalent
  • Cape Town (526 votes) – Revix
  • Lusaka (420 votes) – ComGrow
  • Nairobi (224 votes) – UTU

South America

South America is the land of the extreme.” – National Geographic

Extreme Terrance? Yes. Extremely beautiful people? Yes. Extremely worth-noticeable Startups? Hell yea! Proudly presenting, Startups in South America:

  • São Carlos (217 votes) – Predify
  • Belo Horizonte (193 votes) – CM Technologia
  • Porto Alegre (106 votes) – Privacy Tools
  • Quito (82 votes) – Agrodemanda
  • Rio De Janeiro (55 votes) – Bybrand

“As the world becomes more remote and our work becomes more remote, it’s useful to remind people that all business has a setting,” said HackerNoon Founder/CEO David Smooke. “With this voting by location model, we were able to explore where startups trend and help thousands of startups grow their internet reputation as one of the fastest growing businesses within their respective cities. Between the last three years of Noonies tech awards and this inaugural Startup of the Year campaign, HackerNoon’s Noonies Voting Software has now surpassed half a million votes cast.

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