Modernize and Transform Your End-User Computing Strategy to Support Future Workforces

TORONTO, March 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Info-Tech Research Group, a global IT research and advisory firm, has published a new research blueprint that will enable organizations to effectively modernize and transform their computing strategy. With so much dependency on work-enabling technology, this blueprint explores end-user computing trends and processes to improve customer satisfaction.

Modernize and Transform Your End-User Computing Strategy 2022 (CNW Group/Info-Tech Research Group)

End-user computing (EUC) is the domain of information and technology that deals with the devices used by workers to do their jobs. EUC has five focus areas: devices, user support, use cases, policy & governance, and fitness for use.

“It’s easy to think that if we give end users nice devices, then they will be more engaged, and they will be happy with IT. If only it were that easy,” says Senior Research Analyst Mahmoud Ramin. “Info-Tech Research Group has surveyed over 119,000 people through its CIO Business Vision diagnostic. The results show that a good device is necessary but not enough for high satisfaction with IT. Once a user has a decent device, the other aspects of the user’s experience have a higher impact on their satisfaction with IT.”

Based on Info-Tech’s CIO Business Vision diagnostic data, the average satisfaction rate with IT is approximately 70% when users are satisfied with their devices and drops to around 40% when dissatisfied.

“If a person is trying to run apps designed in the 1990s, struggling to access resources through an underperforming VPN connection, or can’t get help when their devices and apps aren’t working, then the state-of-the-art device given to them doesn’t matter,” adds Ramin.

Info-Tech indicates that good devices are necessary for overall IT satisfaction, but they are not enough for high satisfaction. Improvements in the service desk, business apps, networks and communication infrastructure, and IT policy all have a higher impact on increasing satisfaction.

A good end-user computing strategy will effectively balance user choice, risk and cost. The right balance will be unique for every organization. This new research blueprint explores common challenges and questions that organizations are facing, such as:

  • What types of computing devices should be offered to end users?
  • What provisioning models will be used?
  • What operating systems are supported?
  • How will IT support devices?
  • What are the policies and governance surrounding how devices are used?
  • What actions are we taking and when?
  • How do end-user devices support larger corporate priorities and strategies?

“Build out your end-user computing strategy to reflect the new reality of today’s workforce,” explains Ramin. Ensure you focus on shifting user support left, modernizing apps to support how users need to work, and that your network and collaboration tools can support the increased demands. End-user computing teams need to focus beyond the device.”

With work-from-anywhere now default, and users having higher customer service expectations, management paradigms need to shift. The new research blueprint outlines Info-Tech’s approach to taking end-user computing beyond the device. This research will help organizations:

  1. Identify desired benefits that align to IT and corporate priorities and strategies.
  2. Perform a persona analysis.
  3. Define a vision for end-user computing.
  4. Define the standard device and app offerings.
  5. Improve the supporting services surrounding devices.
  6. Develop a roadmap for implementing your strategy.

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