New Cybersecurity Product Launched Today: RYN Is Providing a Unique Solution for Preserving Your Data Files Privacy

ORLANDO, Fla., Feb. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Rod Meli and Ron Nation just launched their promising start-up project today – meet RYN: an Encryption-as-a-Service for the People, that wants to bring a new way of protection for those who find themselves in need of defense from cyber-attacks. The only way to stop the theft of our information is by being proactive and encrypting every file with RYN, because an encrypted file is useless to a hacker.

Our mission is critical, because 81% of US internet users believe that their personal information is vulnerable to hackers, with 1 in 3 Americans being victims of Cybercrime. And they are looking for a tool that puts them in charge of their digital world.

RYN offers an encryption service that will do that! This is possible because RYN is a cloud-based encryption service that puts our users in control of their electronic files At-Rest and In-Motion.

The key aspect in RYN’s approach is that it does not store any of the users’ login information and the encrypted files are never in RYN’s possession, because only the user and its trusted network can encrypt and decrypt them, this being one of the Zero-Trust practices that RYN chose to adhere to. RYN users can safely share documents with each other over the internet and track all activity of every RYN file for the life of the file.

RYN aims to help 65 million US freelancers by developing the encryption tools they need in today’s and tomorrow’s digital world. Freelancers are the fastest-growing segment of the workforce (a number that is forecasted to increase to 86 million by 2027) and the most vulnerable because their client’s information has value, and they are not prepared to defend themselves from attacks by cybercriminals. Moreover, 60% of freelancers are out of business within 6 months of a data breach.

RYN is well-positioned to capture a large segment of the workforce by providing the tools to protect their client’s data while meeting all compliance guidelines for State, Federal, and International Agencies. Starting out as a big dream, RYN is now on Wefunder an equity crowdfunding site ( to further expand our cause.

“Our mission is to do the most-good” stated Rod Meli and Ron Nation, founders of RYN, when asked about their mission with this project. We can do this by providing every internet user with the tools to fight back against bad people. Founded in 2017 by Ron Nation and Rod Meli, RYN offers a free cybersecurity solution for the digital world we live in, innovating with a unique method of secure document communication. RYN gives back to every responsible citizen – “netizen” – the ability to use the internet for its intended purpose: Education, Entertainment, Communication, and Commerce.

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