New Paper Highlights the Danger of Insider Threats to Business Security

WASHINGTON, Dec. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Untethered Labs has published a new white paper focusing on the dangers of insider threats. Secure access and authentication provider, Untethered Labs – creators of the GateKeeper Proximity solution, has released a new paper detailing the dangers businesses face from insider threats. The paper explores how the cybersecurity market is expected to grow beyond $54 billion in 2021 but that businesses are still largely unaware of the dangers posed by internal risk factors.

Citing data from Verizon’s 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report, GateKeeper highlighted how 85% of security breaches involved a human element. While businesses may deploy a range of digital protections and tools, it is often the case that personnel themselves represent the weak point in a security strategy.

Sources of Insider Threats

While some insider threats come from malicious or dissatisfied insider users actively trying to wreak havoc on an organization, many do not. The report from GateKeeper identifies other categories of insider threats, many of which are causing significant problems for businesses across a range of sectors. These include:

  • Careless team members, or team members who have not received the correct training
  • Team members who are duped or tricked into handing over sensitive data
  • Third-party contractors or other auxiliary personnel who have access to data — only 28% of businesses are systematically monitoring the risks posed by third parties

Many of these insider threats are difficult to quantify, simply because they may go undetected. While an external data breach may be relatively easy to identify and mitigate with the right tools, internal threats may go unnoticed for a dangerously long period of time. This puts businesses at serious risk and significantly raises the stakes when it comes to threat protection.

Protecting Businesses Against Insider Breaches

But the picture painted by the new white paper is not a hopeless one. Businesses can protect themselves against insider threats, and GateKeeper recommends a comprehensive, integrated, and multi-faceted approach to doing so.

For example, most businesses already implement a system of security badges and ID cards to prevent physical access to a site. But these measures can be bypassed by piggybacking or tailgating — the action of following behind a team member with access clearance when they enter a protected area. The implementation of a second set of protections — such as proximity access tokens and PIN codes for unlocking protected workstations — can mitigate this threat.

Businesses can also shore up security by implementing automated authentication solutions and training employees in operating these solutions to ensure maximum engagement and uptake. The automated aspect of such solutions eliminates much of the threat caused by human behavior, while education and engagement reinforce the importance of insider threat understanding and hygiene in the workplace.

GateKeeper Enterprise’s white paper explores this fully integrated, multi-factor approach in greater detail. Download the paper today to discover more.

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