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Outpost24 Leads the Way in Full Stack Vulnerability Risk Management

Outpost24 is a leading cyber assessment company focused on enabling its customers to achieve maximum value from their evolving technology investments. By leveraging our full stack security insights to reduce attack surface for any architecture, Outpost24 customers continuously improve their security posture with the least effort.

Our customers in more than 40 countries around the world trust Outpost24 to assess their devices, networks, applications, cloud and container environments and report compliance status for government, industry sector, or internal regulations.

Founded in 2001, Outpost24 serves leading organizations across a wide range of segments including financial and insurance, government, healthcare, retail, telecommunications, technology, and manufacturing.

What Problem Are You Trying to Solve?

We help organizations of all shapes, sizes, and industries to maximize their cyber hygiene. We understand the pressures security teams face particularly due to the pandemic and the shortage of skilled security staff – therefore, we provide solutions to help businesses focus on their cyber hygiene processes by providing insights to help them better understand where they are exposed to hackers and applying the correct security controls to maximize effectiveness and security workflow.

We act as a partner for our customers by prescribing solutions suited to their level of security maturity and can create a unique fit for them that’s based on their needs covering network, applications, wireless, pen testing services and cloud security.

We pride ourselves on supporting organizations in their security journeys and supporting them as they shift their goals towards digital transformation and ensuring security is robust to stand against a new attack point anytime, anywhere.

Partnering with our clients to understand their security goals and building a proactive approach to security and protection against new vulnerabilities even when significant infrastructure and market conditions evolve at speed.

As the number of IoT devices increases exponentially this creates a new challenge for security professionals as adversaries look to connect to businesses wireless networks and launch an attack.

Our advanced wireless threat detection solution can create a blueprint of all the connected and wired devices in real-time to help customers easily detect and spot rogue and unauthorized users which is paramount for securing cyber defenses and maximizing cyber hygiene.

How Are You Solving That Problem?

Cybersecurity risks span the entire technology stack, and vulnerabilities can exist in any layer with threat actors looking to gain access to anything they can with the least effort so it’s important to have complete visibility of your security exposure and ensuring security defenses span across your entire infrastructure.

Hackers are driven by economic gain and therefore we’re seeing a rise in malicious tools like ransomware toolkits. Therefore, we support our customers by advising and preparing them to build the right sort of process and technology according to their security maturity level by continuously monitoring and evaluating their security exposure across applications, network, wireless and cloud through our industry leading full stack security solutions.

With emerging threats coming into play like new applications, transitioning to cloud, IoT these are the things that are creating some of the new zero-day elements that lead to exploitation repeatedly and we help customers identify these weaknesses before a hacker does to reduce their risk of cyber-attack.

How Has the Pandemic Impacted Your Customers?

Through our innovation, expertise and forward-thinking ethos, we’ve been able to enhance our product portfolio to suit the evolving needs of our customers during the pandemic including the shift to remote working.

With this dramatic change in working habits, we were able to offer agent-based vulnerability scanning to our customers, providing them with the tools to assess remote assets even when they’re not connected to the network for traditional scanner assessment and secured by office firewalls.

We’re supporting our clients in their transition back to office environments with our full stack security solutions and wireless threat detection technology to help them identify any new and unauthorized devices within their wired and wireless environments which could bring new potential threats into their network perimeter.

Where Do You See Your Company Going In 5 Years?

We help our customers understand what the security landscape looks like, and how it impacts their business by identifying technology assets they use to conduct business activities as well as technologies in their environment that perhaps shouldn’t be there for malicious actions, such as shadow IT.

We will continue with our full-stack approach which has been successful so far and shining a light on the different relationships between different elements of company infrastructure, the cloud, the application, the data, and the different users that work with our technology and how this effects cyber hygiene.  

What Is the Next Big Challenge in Information Security and How Are You Supporting This?

We saw a significant shift for many companies in the past 18 months which created a new challenge for cybersecurity teams that got pulled out of the normal cybersecurity functions and thrust into operations.

Threat actors are taking advantage of the new landscape, turning to tools such as ransomware more often and we’re seeing this threat grow as the economic gains become significant. Therefore, taking a proactive approach to prevent ransomware attacks is key and we have added threat intelligence to our vulnerability management offering to increase risk reduction by providing threat context to beat the hackers.

Helping our customers make better prioritization and remediation decisions that’s based on actionable threat intelligence rather than assumptions. Increasing security efficiency like never before and creating a proactive approach to cyber security through next gen threat intel.

We’re also seeing several new attack vectors emerging in the market, including the software supply chain with attackers attempting to inject themselves into the software update cycle with techniques used by tech companies – creating a wealth of new attack vectors that companies need to monitor and protect themselves against.

How Do People Get Involved/Buy into Your Vision?

In addition to our emphasis on full-stack security, we plan to continue building out solutions that provide more guidance and threat context based on the various components customers are utilizing and introducing new intell through our acquisition of Blueliv.

Supporting our customers with relevant threat data on real-time hacker activity and business case for example economic gains, ransomware, data mining or nation state hacking allowing them to evolve as the threat hunters change tactics and securing the most dangerous parts before a hacker gets a foothold.

We also offer external attack surface management solutions to help businesses to uncover their known and unknown digital assets like a hacker would to help them reduce application risks with quantified attack surface exposure scoring so they can pinpoint any issues like out of date software or input vectors leading to SQL injection and cross site scripting attacks to reduce risk of data breach.

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