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Profile Defenders Wants to Bulletproof Your Information at Every Step of the Way

Richart Ruddie is a digital entrepreneur who has started, consulted, and invested in numerous industry players focusing on brand protection, data privacy, and threat intelligence software. His main focus is to help keep the web a safe & clean place while ensuring that individuals are protected from attacks online from nefarious actors.

What problem are you trying to solve?

It all started out with our reputation company that initially focused on solely protecting individuals identities online. It has since grown into a multi-brand platform that helps monitor for potential threats and breaches to alert you if you’re information has been compromised and is being sold on thE dark web.

In addition we have consulted with, invested in, or advised companies that deal with continuous scans of DNS files to search for zero day threats and risks that can jeopardize a company’s assets.

As we are seeing with non-stop ransomware attacks that the cyber security industry and the good guys like us play an integral role in stopping and thwarting the bad actors, scammers, and fraudsters out there that are trying to break in, steal your data, compromise your privacy, and hold you or your company ransom for money (typically paid out in Bitcoin).

How are you solving that problem?

There is software that has been built from a database that has been collected for years that continues to grow with each breach and leak of data. This data continues to be compiled and a hook through an API tied to an alert system that will send you a notification that it’s time to change and update your password.

In addition our data privacy removal services help to delete yourself from the internet by opting users out of data scraper sites which are often used by nefarious hackers to gain personal information for a social hack.

It only takes something as innocuous-looking as a thumb drive to compromise the whole company enviroment

How has the pandemic impacted your company?

In an ever changing world that sped up digitally during the pandemic the Cyber Security industry saw one of the biggest booms. As remote workers virtually logged in it created many opportunities for hackers to impersonate and spoof.

This has only created a growing importance globally. Even places like Bulgaria are seeing growth from outside investors as they have a plethora of great computer scientists that Ruddie spoke about in a recent story.

Where do you see your company going in 5 years?

We see data privacy as a growing importance. After the Cambridge Analytica Scandal people started to take a stronger stance on how their data is being used and who has access to that.

As a “profile defender” it is our job to help keep the internet secure and safe for users as well as companies. So in the next 5 years we will continue exploring opportunities to help and grow in the data privacy and cyber security field.

Make sure your data is not being harvested and taken advantage by malicious party by taking the right steps to keep it secured.

What is the next big challenge in information security?

Spoofing and Phishing attacks are being thwarted with notifications when email comes from outside of your company which is great but hackers are always multiple steps ahead.

Whether it’s through sim swapping and fooling people via text message to click on a link or cloaking we will continue to see growth in the ransomware category and it’s important that education of risks is increased as it only takes one error internally to cause ruckus.

Some social engineers are so savvy that they can copy RFID cards when employees are out at lunch and gain access to buildings and real estate that is secured for employees only. If they leave a couple thumb drives out or plug a few in they can compromise an entire system.

It only takes one person to compromise the community kind of like how with COVID-19 it only took one person to start spreading a virus and not the computer kind.

How do people get involved/buy into your vision?

We welcome all vendors in the data privacy and cyber security space to reach out and connect with us. We have multiple partnerships and investments in the industry and are always looking for smart, talented, and hard working people.

If we work together we can further secure the internet and keep our playground a safe place. So calling all A+ team players.  

Richart Ruddie

Owner and Founder of Data Privacy Company Profile Defenders


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