RiVidium Inc. (dba TripleCyber) Announces the Participation of Colonel Ronald Wilkes in the Hiring Our Heroes (HoH) Corporate Fellowship Program (CFP)

TYSONS, Va., May 24, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — RiVidium, Inc. (dba TripleCyber) today announced that as part of the Military Hiring Our Heroes (HoH) Corporate Fellowship Program (CFP), COL Ron Wilkes will join the TripleCyber team. The CFP is an innovative 12-week program that provides transitioning service members with professional training and hands-on experience in the civilian workforce. The professional development offered through the CFP prepares candidates for a smooth transition into meaningful civilian careers.

TripleCyber will have the benefit of COL Wilkes as part of the CFP and temporarily gains a valuable team member, who is among the best and brightest transitioning service members. COL Wilkes area of expertise in Cyber Security and IT Services will support TripleCyber’s Cyber Division under Richard Trimber, Chief Delivery Officer (CDO).

COL Wilkes is a seasoned Military Officer with the US Army who has more than 26 years of Military Cyber, IT and Military Police experience. He most recently served with the US Army’s Data/AI Team as a Lead and was responsible for stablishing and supporting a data-driven decision-making culture in the Army Talent Management while integrating data collection, descriptive and predictive analytics, and machine learning systems. In addition, he was the Cyberspace Plans Officer for the Office of the Secretary of Defense and a Fellow at the US Arm’s War College.

“Being a retired Military Officer myself, I know the Corporate Fellowship Program will help Ron ease the transition, especially the cultural transition from military to civilian life, such as new routines, commutes, wardrobe, and social environments,” said Manny Rivera, President/ CEO for TripleCyber. “It will also give Ron a preview of corporate industry and the Government contracting world, which will be very helpful when it’s time for Ron to make a shift into the corporate market. We want to give Ron a chance to learn about himself and understand what he truly wants to do once he transitions into the civilian sector.”

“I am excited to join TripleCyber as part of the Corporate Fellowship Program and I look forward to learning the business culture, corporate market, and applying my experiences as a military officer to the civilian sector,” said Colonel Wilkes. “This is a great opportunity to work with a market leader, and I look forward to maximizing my potential as I move into a new phase in my career path.”

As a Cyber and Information Assurance Officer with the US Army, Ron has led diverse teams of cyber and IT professionals in the Army and Civilian contractors. COL Wilkes has served in numerous Joint and International assignments, to include serving as Plans Officer for US Army Cyber Command, Chief of Operations and Plans Officer for both USSTRATCOM and Army G-3/5/7. He has a Master of Arts in Business and Organizational Security Management and a Master of Science in Telecommunications.

About TripleCyber: TripleCyber, the leader in Cyber Security, IT, Logistics, Intel, and Human Capital Management (HCM), offers a robust portfolio of capabilities, featuring patented cyber and security platforms as well as libraries for HCM employee decision support tools for new hires. TripleCyber’s technologies are accessible from any device through TripleCyber’s cloud support infrastructure. These technologies provide security, interactive user experience, and deep analytics on user engagement. By transforming traditional methods used to communicate on the Internet, TripleCyber significantly increases customer and individual security while decreasing the personal exposure footprint on the Internet.

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