The Dalmore Launches First NFT with BlockBar, World’s First Direct-to-Consumer NFT Platform for Luxury Wine & Spirits

One set of The Dalmore Decades No.4 Collection, an exceptional selection of four rare Single Malt Scotch whiskies, is available as a unique collector opportunity through a corresponding non-fungible token and a distillery experience

MIAMI, FL – November 30, 2021: The Dalmore Highland Single Malt has partnered with, the premier non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace for luxury wine and spirits, to offer a limited edition liquor NFT with a set of The Dalmore Decades No.4 Collection. This will be the only set within the exceptional Dalmore Decades selection that will correspond to a digital NFT, making it a once-in-a-lifetime collector opportunity.

This Dalmore Decades No. 4 Collection available via NFT on BlockBar, is a unique moment for a collector to acquire a remarkable piece of history. Bridging the physical and digital worlds for the first time in its 180 year old history, The Dalmore will be digitizing and selling an exclusive set through an NFT directly to a buyer. This asset-backed NFT from the BlockBar platform benefits the buyer by guaranteeing authenticity and ownership verification, as well as offering a storage solution and handling insurance.

The announcement follows the groundbreaking sale of The Dalmore Decades No.6 Collection in October 2021, which achieved a record HK$8.75 Million / US$1.1 Million at Sotheby’s Hong Kong. The sale price represents the highest value for a whisky lot sold at Sotheby’s so far this year and the most valuable whisky lot ever sold by Sotheby’s in Asia.

Milestone sales of The Dalmore, like the Decades No.6 Collection, achieved over the past ten years highlight a growing appetite to acquire from a refined selection of extraordinary whiskies. The Dalmore is also the only Prestige brand to have grown share both domestically and in Travel Retail in 2020, which makes it no surprise that The Dalmore is the fastest growing of all spirits brands over the last 2 years. Technology and cryptocurrencies are playing a vital role in investment diversification and The Dalmore’s new partnership with BlockBar enables authenticity and verification for buyers through NFTs.

Private Client Director, The Dalmore, Gerry Tosh shares, “The Dalmore offers some of Scotland’s most rare and precious whisky stocks, remarkable in their desirability to collectors, investors, and drinkers alike. The Dalmore Decades selection is a truly outstanding example of this, and with the landmark auction of The Dalmore Decades No.6 Collection last month setting new records, the No.4 Collection offered as an exclusive NFT signifies a fantastic opportunity for the crypto-curious to explore single malt whisky as an investment.”

One of 25 covetable sets, this No.4 Collection, set No.21, contains four Decades whiskies (1979, 1980, 1995, 2000), hand-selected by Master Distiller Richard Paterson, from a single malt that celebrates The Dalmore’s longstanding relationship with the titan of sherry making,

González Byass, to the first Scotch created in the new Millennium.Each decanter in the collection is engraved with an exclusive set number and striking black collar and stopper, presenting an exclusive chance to own four remarkable moments in Scotch history. Each set is displayed within one bespoke display pedestal, with individual compartments to house each decanter, and with each whisky’s unique story engraved upon the door.

In addition to the Collection the NFT owner will receive an exclusive opportunity to visit The Dalmore distillery, nestled in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland, and taste some of the rarest Dalmore whiskies in the warehouse, hand drawn from the cask followed by a sumptuous dinner.

“We’re delighted to be a part of this momentous occasion for Dalmore, as their first NFT launch partner”, says Dov Falic, CEO of BlockBar “Through transparency, authenticity, and quality assurance, BlockBar is able to bring a solution to the current hurdles in the luxury spirits market, and we’re excited to partner with The Dalmore to make that happen.”

The Dalmore Decades No.4 Collection will be offered via NFT on 7th December 2021 at 10:00am EST using a lottery mechanic. A lobby will become available on 30 minutes ahead of the drop, whereby to enter, prospective buyers must have one ETH in their metamask wallet. The lobby will close at the drop time with one buyer randomly selected with the ability to purchase. The set will be available for $137,700 USD and can be purchased from Blockbar with Ethereum (ETH) or by credit card.

The Dalmore Decades No.4 Collection

The Dalmore Decades 1979 – ‘Curating Exquisite Casks’

This 40-year-old single malt is a tribute to the longstanding relationship between González Byass and The Dalmore. The 1979 has enjoyed maturation in a particularly fine Matusalem Oloroso sherry butt before a final maturation in a Graham’s Port Vintage 1952 – one of Port’s rarest vintages. The resulting whisky is exuberant sultanas and toasted pistachios, finishing in pleasant notes of maple syrup, pineapple, and succulent dates.

The Dalmore Decades1980 – ‘Unbroken Chain of Visionaries’

The 1980s marked Richard Paterson’s arrival at The Dalmore and his tutelage by the last Mackenzie. Like his predecessor, Richard’s long-standing tenure personifies a commitment to the vision of the distillery established 180 years ago. This 40-year-old single malt takes the traditional maturation of The Dalmore and reverses it: the whisky moves from Bourbon casks into Matusalem sherry butts, then spends more than five years back in first-fill ex-Bourbon casks before bottling – a bold move which brings renewed life and vivacity to the spirit. The 1980 promises beautifully orchestrated single malt layers, which include a gentle whisper of bitter chocolate, marzipan, and cocoa powder.

The Dalmore Decades 1995 – ‘The Creation of an Icon’

The 90s welcomed the creation of an icon The Dalmore’s minimalist bell-shaped bottle, its sinuous curves echoing the voluptuous shape of the stills through which the distillery’s matchless spirit runs. The 1995 is matured in ex-Bourbon casks and finished in spectacular Tintilla de Rota port pipes. It offers a burst of red berries, glazed nectarines, frangipane, and moist pecan pie on the palate, building to a triumphal finish.

The Dalmore Decades 2000 – ‘Into the New Millennium’

At 12:02am on Saturday, 1 January 2000, as the world celebrated the dawn of a new age, workers at The Dalmore were at their posts securing a notable achievement for the Highland distillery: the first in Scotland to run new spirit off the stills in the third millennium. The final whisky of The Dalmore Decades is also perhaps the most distinctive: it has spent all 20 years of its life in a Matusalem Oloroso sherry butt in a radical departure from the distillery’s practice. Rare and intriguing, black maraschino cherry and bitter chocolate drench the palate, and a final kiss of liquorice and tarte Tatin ebbs slowly in the background. 

About The Dalmore Decades Selection

The Dalmore Decades is a masterpiece of time: a unique selection of exceptional single malt whiskies that tells the story of The Dalmore’s relentless pursuit of excellence through six decades. Three once-in-a-lifetime collections hand-selected by Richard Paterson bring together the quintessential DNA of The Dalmore with bottlings from 1951 to 2000. Each single malt in these collections showcases the passion, expertise, and pioneering spirit that has been the hallmark of The Dalmore for over 180 years. The Dalmore Decades embodies potential embraced over time and celebrates the exceptional in us all.

The Dalmore Decades No.6 Collection is a truly unique, one-of-one set of six Decades single malts from 1951,1967, 1979, 1980, 1995 & 2000. Each decanter encapsulates a story of The Dalmore’s relentless pursuit of excellence. The No.6 Collection is Master Distiller  Richard Paterson’s personal selection; a culmination of over 50 years of his work curating The Dalmore’s exceptional rare casks. The proud owner of the No.6 Collection can admire The Dalmore’s iconic bottle design, bespoke silver collars unique to the No.6, Glencairn crystal decanters and the House’s famous Royal Stag. The one-of-one No.6 Collection will be sold at global auction in October 2021, by Sotheby’s Hong Kong. A donation from the auction will be made to V&A Dundee as part of a four-year partnership with the arts powerhouse.

Alongside the truly unique No. 6 Collection, The Dalmore has extended the opportunity for collectors: through 15 one-of-a-kind Decades No.5 Collection sets (1967, 1979, 1980, 1995, 2000). Each of the

15 sets is truly unique with an individual set number and featuring a distinctive colour stopper, handcrafted in Scotland. Each No.5 Collection set will be sold exclusively through the finest retailers in the world, including Harrods (UK), Wally’s Wine & Spirits (US), Le Bon Marché (FR), and CDFG Hainan with an RSP of £200,000. The final Decades offering is the No.4 Collection of 25 covetable sets, each containing four Decades whiskies (1979, 1980, 1995, 2000). Mirroring its predecessors, each is engraved with an exclusive set number, and striking black collar and stopper. The No.4 Collection will be sold exclusively through retailers including Selfridges (UK), Annabel’s (UK), La Grande Épicerie (FR) and to view at Waldorf Astoria (NL) with an RSP of £100,000. 

About The Dalmore

For 180 years The Dalmore has been a masterpiece in the making. A Single Malt Whisky like no other, overseen by an unbroken chain of visionary whisky makers whose entrepreneurial spirit and restless pursuit of the perfect whisky endures today. Current Master Distiller, Richard Paterson, celebrated his sixth decade at The Dalmore in 2020. Richard Paterson continues to hand-select rare casks from the world’s finest bodega and wineries in which to mature the carefully composed sprit. This commitment is at the heart of our exceptional whiskies.

When asked what the greatest Dalmore he has ever made is; our Master Distiller, Richard Paterson responded: “We haven’t made it yet.”

The Dalmore Single Malt Whisky is available worldwide in the finest outlets, from Harrods, London, Galleries Lafayette of Paris, Beverly Wilshire of Los Angeles, and Shangri-La, Shanghai. For those that enjoy fine travel, The Dalmore is available at 40,000 feet with Emirates First Class, and onboard Queen Mary II of Cunard.

Worldwide demand for The Dalmore by consumers and collectors alike has continued to grow. The Dalmore is the fastest growing single malt whisky worldwide.[1]

About BlockBar:

Founded by the principles of the largest duty-free retailer in the Americas, BlockBar is the world’s premier NFT marketplace that connects consumers and collectors with the owners of luxury wine & spirits brands by providing the opportunity to ​​exchange NFTs for unique physical wine & spirits products. BlockBar was started by The Falic Group, the owners of Duty Free

Americas and founders of Paneco, the largest ecommerce liquor platform in both Israel and Singapore. The Falic Group noticed the issues consumers were facing and evaluated the preorders in the duty-free spirits boutiques. They recognized the opportunity in the market and decided to launch BlockBar. BlockBar’s proprietary platform allows consumers to purchase asset backed NFTs directly from the brand owners themselves. BlockBar’s proprietary smart contracts verify authenticity, and its partnership with top cyber- and crypto-security firms ensures that transactions are fully protected and transparent. Consumers are able to transact directly with the brands and no longer have to worry about authenticity or storage.

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Media Contact for BlockBar:

Cody Bryan

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[1] IWSR 2018-2020

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