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Top 5 Ways To Increase Your Cyber Security At Work

With almost all business interactions and transactions happening from within our data systems and computers, it’s not surprising that cybersecurity threats are becoming one of the biggest threats to businesses. While the internet allows us to reach a broader customer base, making it easier to grow our business, it also presents potential security threats. That’s why it’s essential to know some tips to increase your cyber security at work.

1. Use Strong Passwords

One of the most common ways cyber attackers breach networks is by cracking usernames and passwords, which is easier for them if the organisation uses cloud services like Google Workspace and Microsoft Office. That’s why users are advised not to use common passwords that are easy to guess. It’s also a good idea to use a password manager and to change all default passwords within the network.

A strong password is easy for you to remember but hard for others to guess. But avoid using personal information, such as your birthday, name, etc. This information is readily available to the public, making it easier for anyone to crack your password. In addition, it is best to use a longer password of at least six characters. Avoid using the same password for various accounts. If someone can guess your password for one account, the other accounts will also be compromised. Include symbols, numbers, lowercase, and uppercase characters.

Most people use passwords based on hobbies, family names, or a simple pattern. While these passwords are easy to recall, they are the least secure, so avoid using them, as much as possible.

2. Implement Training

One way to increase cyber security at work is to educate the organisation about cyber threats. Company leaders should be responsible for training everyone about cybersecurity – from managers to the staff with the lowest position. Everyone should be made aware of cyber threats and how to report any suspected security threat. Remember that everyone should play a part in keeping the business secure.

You cannot expect your employees to recognise or report a possible security threat if they do not know anything about it. Even if you invest in the most sophisticated firewalls and other security tools, if your employees don’t know how to keep your networks safe, your network will remain vulnerable to cyber attackers.

Have your employees undergo Business Compliance Training Courses online. The training course will discuss all matters of cybersecurity, helping employees to protect themselves and keep the company safe from security threats. By teaching employees how to identify and prevent security threats, you’ll strengthen the most vulnerable people in your organisation. As a result, attackers will move on to others since they do not gain anything from you.

3. Use Multi-Factor Authentication

The multi-factor authentication or MFA can serve as an additional barrier against cyberattacks. With MFA, even if a username or password gets compromised, it’s still difficult for cyber attackers to access your network. And if in case the MFA is configured correctly, you will be alerted of any attempts to access the account.

MFA is an authentication method requiring users to provide multiple verification factors to access an account. It is one of the essential components of cybersecurity. With this option, you will not only need to enter your username and password. It consists of additional verification factors, minimising the likelihood of a cyber-attack. The main benefit of using multi-factor authentication is that it enhances your organisation’s security by asking users to provide multiple information and not just usernames and passwords. Although usernames and passwords are necessary, they are easy for attackers to crack.

One of the most common MFA is the OTP or One-Time Passcode, which users will receive as an SMS on the mobile number or email registered. Whenever a user attempts to log in, they will receive an OTP, which they must key in before they can successfully log in.

4. Hire Specialists

One of the best ways to improve your organisation’s cyber security is to hire someone who is an expert in this field. A cybersecurity specialist who knows Linux ensures that company data will remain safe from security risks. The specialist not only knows how to recognise potential attacks, but they also stay abreast of any new threats.

Consider working with Linux recruitment agencies to help you find qualified cybersecurity specialists. Since they are experts in this niche, they know the skills to look for in a cybersecurity specialist and will help you find the best-fit candidate. Cybersecurity professionals need to be knowledgeable about the Linux operating system. They need to understand how to conduct essential administration functions within Linux, including understanding different commands and file locations.

Cybersecurity experts can perform various functions to keep your network safe. These include analysing the security of networks and systems by performing vulnerability assessments. They will also monitor and respond to any breaches to prevent data loss.

5. Use Antivirus Software

Companies should invest in firewalls and antivirus software to keep their network safe and protected against cyber attacks. These can be installed on every company device to detect suspicious links, malware, and other threats. Like with any software, ensure that the antivirus software is updated, active, and works the way it should.

There are many different types of antivirus software out there. Depending on your needs, choose something that comes with features suitable for your business. For instance, for those engaged in the e-commerce business and are accepting online payments, look for reliable antivirus software that offers a higher level of online security. It should include features like timely detection of phishing, improved protection of financial transactions, and more.

Regardless of the nature of your business, antivirus software has become an absolute essential in this day and age. While you will be paying for it, this investment can save you thousands and even millions of dollars. You will never know when hackers will attack, which could compromise your network. When this happens, you will be spending a lot of money, not to mention damaging your business reputation.

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