Transatel wins as “Public Safety solution of the Year” at the IoT Breakthrough Awards 2021

Transatel has been selected among 3,500 submissions and honoured with the Public Safety Solution of the Year award by the IoTBreakthrough Awards.

This award recognises Transatel’s in-house innovation in IoT security: the SIM as a Secure Element and a cost-efficient solution for end-to-end security. 

In our physical world where objects, services and even entire cities are connected, billions of sensors collect astounding amounts of data every second. This data is essential for adequate decision-making and to support the effective operation of our devices. Dummy or altered data can endanger critical operations and induce wrong decisions with disastrous consequences.   

What if a city’s traffic sensors were accessible to a hacker? It could feed fake traffic information to the city’s traffic lights and artificially cause a dangerous traffic jam.   

“To expand IoT ecosystems, private as well as public players need to be able to trust the data transmitted, without risking it being hacked or compromised at any point.” 

Romain Durand, Head of Research and Innovation at Transatel.

This level of trust has yet to be established since current solutions for IoT security are difficult and costly to implement and sustain. Solutions such as secure tunnels, private APNs or VPNs can secure devices but are neither simple nor cost-effective for any IoT project. Not only are there millions of devices to connect, but also many end-users who need access to their data. There is a crucial need for authentication between endpoints and integrity of data, but also to be able to scale, since many end-users need access. 

Transatels offer to use the SIM as a Strong Secure Element answers the need for a truly scalable, simply implemented, and cost-efficient solution for end-to-end data security.

Challenging the status quo by bringing security on the same level as complex solutions with only one tool, Transatel developed a SIM application that enables the signature and seal of any data collected by sensors/IoT device, preventing data alteration. 

“This innovative solution provides a scalable end-to-end security. It is based on public-key cryptography, in combination with a well-guarded private key specific to each Transatel’s IoT SIM.”

Romain Durand

The IoT device can request the SIM card to sign any data thanks to the private key. This signature can be verified by anyone having the SIM card’s public key. The public key is then widely distributed to any IoT’s backend application. This allows for a very secure and simple mechanism to ensure the authenticity and integrity of any IoT data generated through the Transatel’s SIM card. This keeps the transaction costs low, without any need for additional hardware or complex secure tunnels. 

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About Transatel

Now a member company of NTT Group, one of the largest telecom companies in the world, Transatel offers an unparalleled, eSIM-capable, cellular solution for global and secure IoT connectivity. Since its inception in 2000, the company has launched over 170 MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators), establishing Transatel as the leading European MVNE/A (Mobile Virtual Network Enabler/Aggregator). Having acquired expertise in Machine-to-Machine connectivity, the company easily transitioned into the Internet of Things, where it now addresses the three market segments of automotive, laptops and tablets, and the industrial IoT. 

For more information about Transatel secured cellular connectivity solutions for IoT please visit or

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