Transform your Business’s Security Ecosystem: Introducing Survail

ASHEVILLE, N.C., June 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Survail is on a mission to empower organizations to turn video content into actionable data. Today, Survail is officially launching it’s hybrid-cloud, AI-powered video analytics platform built with that mission at its core. Survail’s solution is affordable, flexible, and scalable for small businesses or enterprises with multiple locations. The result for stakeholders? Thousands of hours saved, countless safety concerns mitigated in real-time, and increased ROI from your existing security infrastructure.

The days of manually reviewing hours of footage are over. Detect + Act on Security Events in Seconds with Survail

With one dashboard and login, Survail allows users to view hundreds of locations from anywhere. There’s no need to remember different logins or download a bunch of software anymore. Users can manage their company’s security on a single app that’s accessible from any browser – no plugins or downloads needed.

Timely notifications and video search make it easy to find footage, making it possible for businesses to find what’s worth investigating in seconds, not hours.

“The number one complaint from surveillance system buyers and users? It’s hard to find what we need to find when we need to find it. Number two? I didn’t know about the event of interest until far too long after it occurred. Survail eliminates both of these problems from day one.” ~Matthew Nederlanden, Founder, Survail

After just 30 minutes of setup, your business will be up and running with:

  • AI Powered Video Analytics based in the Cloud
  • Detection based search: Stop spending hours searching for video timestamps
  • One platform to manage all locations and camera systems
  • Vehicle and People Detections
  • Customized, real time alerts
  • Secure and encrypted video feeds
  • Edge processing engine

Additionally, Survail is ‘camera agnostic’ which means you can use it with your existing security system and no need to buy all new cameras. In fact, this saves businesses from the dreaded ‘vendor lock-in’ as well. Any business can choose the security components that best suit their needs and Survail will work…out of the box.

Now users have the ability to understand what is happening in any given situation from anywhere. For instance, if there was a theft at your business, you could quickly search for all of the videos inside of your building on an hour timeline window starting one hour before the event and ending one hour after it happened. With this type of technology, businesses can make better decisions about security measures or even just get insight into customer insights.

About Survail:

Headquartered in Asheville, NC, Survail is on a mission to empower organizations of all sizes to gain previously unheard of value from their existing surveillance ecosystem. Built by a team of experts hailing from public and private sector heavyweights like the NSA, Pentagon, United States Navy, Motorola, and Panasonic. The Survail team has developed this product based on 30 years worth of experience in the surveillance industry and the outcome is an AI-powered video analytics platform that’s affordable and scalable with immediate impact. Get yours today here –

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