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ORLANDO, Fla., May 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Coming soon to Trending Today, airing on Fox Business, The Security Oracle, a leader in the security and artificial intelligence space, reveals how its revolutionary robots are changing the world of security, one robot at a time. Watch to learn how The Security Oracle’s robotic appliances meet the market demand for early alerts and mitigation of all-hazard threats. The Security Oracle’s AI technology deploys non-lethal, non-permanent blinding lights and disorienting sounds to stun and confuse potential attacks and criminals at close or long distance, providing critical time for security and law enforcement to respond in person.

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“One of the most urgent, and important, problems we need to solve in America today is violent crime and attacks on our critical infrastructure. When dealing with active shootings or attacks on critical infrastructure, current security solutions aren’t fast enough!” says Charles L Butler, Jr., CEO of The Security Oracle.

While the best average response time from a human to an active shooting is five minutes, The Security Oracle’s artificial intelligence robots can respond in a fraction of the time. Nearly 70% percent of lives lost during an active shooting situation occur within the first five minutes. A quick response time is critical. The Security Oracle’s robots close this response time gap down to seconds, not only keeping critical infrastructure online, but also saving precious lives.

“The Security Oracle is solving wicked problems of active shooters and threats against critical infrastructure, assets and people around the globe,” says Vontella Kay Kimball, President of The Security Oracle.

Over the last five years, The Security Oracle has delivered five deployments of Robots in the Sky®, as game-changer appliances, having over 200,000 hours of operational excellence and amazing uptime performance, protecting America’s power grid from attack. “If the ability to defend the asset is a vital component of your overall critical infrastructure protection strategy, then the ‘TSO RCADS’ offers a unique and reliable solution,” says Al Perotti, CPP, power grid Physical Security Director and early adopter of TSO’s Remotely Controlled Active Defense and Denial System (RCADS®).

“TSO’s disruptive robotic solution, (RCADS®), is the enabling AI technology that makes it possible for Robots in the Sky® and TSO’s family of robotic appliances to empower organizations to dynamically reconfigure access control and emergency communications systems to adapt to new security threats in sub-second response time,” says Anna M. Wang, Wang & Associates, Security & Compliance Consulting.

Robotics is the new technological revolution. Per a recent Oxford study, “84% of security guards will be replaced by AI security technology and robots!” This is the future of security! The Security Oracle has been referred to as a Unicorn in Waiting given their global portfolio of 9 Pioneering Patents/1 Pending Patent and 163 registered trademarks in 35 countries across 4 continents: Robots in the Sky® – Robots on the Move® – Robots on the Seas® Robots on the Rails® – RCADS®

Is The Security Oracle a Unicorn in Waiting?

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About The Security Oracle:

The Security Oracle is a Visionary Team founded to be a catalyst for change in Public Safety and Homeland Security. They develop market-disrupting, purpose-built, artificial intelligence robotic security appliances to help protect the future and save lives. CEO, Charles L. Butler, Jr. explains how the “MISSION of TSO is to fuse the 2000 year-old philosophy of Sun Tzu, SPEED-SURPRISE-MANEUVER, with 21st century AI, to transform the Global Security Market.”

TSO’s transformative technology is patented in 9 countries and 1 pending patent.

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