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What Can a Tech PR Company Do for You?

For businesses in such a fast-paced industry as Tech, having good PR can be an essential tool in helping you to maintain, scale and grow their presence.

But what exactly is Tech PR? What does it offer? And how beneficial can it be for businesses in tech?

Put simply, a Tech PR company can help tech businesses to grow and establish themselves. Tech PR companies are specialised in, as the name suggests, PR for technology, including cybersecurity, Internet of Things, web apps, development and more.

Tech is different to the typical startup or business, and has a different set of big publications to aim for exposure in – including the likes of TechCrunch, Wired and TechRound.

It’s important for businesses to use a PR team that understands them to the core, their ethos, their offerings, and the technology upon which it has been built on. Therefore, if your business is in tech, it can help to work with a specialist Tech PR company, helping to maximise your exposure in places where it matters.

Below is a list with just some of the things a Tech PR company can help tech businesses with:

  • Press releases
  • Content creation
  • Coverage in major press
  • Reputation management
  • Market research
  • Media relations
  • Crisis management
  • Overcoming bad PR
  • Social media
  • Event planning
  • SEO
  • Linkbuilding

…and more.

A good Tech PR company can help tech businesses to get in front of the people that matter most. Tech PR can help to elevate great products and offerings, and get them picked up and promoted by the most relevant and important audiences in tech.

Using a specialist team can bring about huge benefits to a tech business, helping their products and offerings be seen by enormous audiences from the biggest publications in the industry.

A dedicated tech PR team will continually be reaching out to important publications, chasing up on stories on behalf of their clients/businesses, and helping them to get recognition and attention where it matters most.

A good team will also help businesses tap into their industry network, which not only helps to boost a business’s exposure through well-known, well-loved publications in their industry, but also gets them included in industry events, awards, speaking submissions and more.

All of this optimised exposure can bring about new customers, new partners and new investors, and furthermore help businesses to establish a strong, known name for themselves.

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