Marber Security’s gift for SMBs and MSPs – Cybersecurity Kindle eBook until June 18th

NORWALK, Conn., June 14, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — MSPs and SMBs: how are you protect yourselves and your Clients?

Small and Midsize Businesses (SMB) often lack the resources and knowledge that large enterprises can leverage to help protect themselves. How can the SMBs in general and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) learn how to protect themselves and become aware of affordable enterprise-grade cybersecurity concepts and solutions?

The author Marlon Bermudez worked for an MSP for 9 years and has been servicing SMBs for over 15 years, and has Industry Standard Cybersecurity certifications like CISM, CISSP, Security+, and a Masters in Cybersecurity. Over the years, he noticed the clear disadvantaged position SMBs and MSPs are in. They often lack the resources and awareness on general Cybersecurity best practices and basic security controls, which can lead to disastrous data breaches and other costly outcomes.

Bermudez independently wrote and published the book ”Cybersecurity for Small and Midsize Businesses” to help SMBs and MSPs learn how to protect themselves before it is too late.

This critical resource is being made available free of charge to everyone until June 18th, due to Amazon rules.

Get the eBook at no cost at

Having issues or outside of the US? Simply search Amazon or the Kindle store for B08CJZCJ79 to get your copy, no purchase necessary to obtain this valuable resource.

Unmanaged cybersecurity is a business risk that organizations cannot afford to ignore. A single data breach can put unprepared organizations out of business and even lead to personal liability.

It is important to know how to establish and improve an information security program to protect an organization, this can be done using the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and many others. This handbook will help organizations learn how to

IDENTIFY cybersecurity threats, compliance requirements, missing security controls, and more.

PROTECT the organization’s business needs, employees, and assets with 108+ cybersecurity outcomes.

DETECT cybersecurity events by implementing suitable security controls.

RESPOND to detected cybersecurity incidents to help reduce the impact on the business.

RECOVER from cybersecurity incidents with business continuity and disaster recovery planning.

The purpose of this book is to promote cybersecurity and to empower organizations to improve their security posture. Cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility, and this book aims to help employees understand how they can better protect their organizations. Cybersecurity is a critical business need and function, and unmanaged cybersecurity can expose organizations to incidents from which they may not be able to recover. Breaches can expose organizations to financial losses: legal, contractual, and regulatory liability; loss of reputation; loss of customers; and loss of trust. The management of cybersecurity and the establishment of a risk management program helps an organization prepare for a data breach and supports its survival.

Learn how to protect your organization before it is too late.

The author hopes that making this resource widely available to everyone, SMBs, and MSPs, will help them be able to improve their Cybersecurity Posture.

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