We are constantly looking for people who want to be heard. If you are a security professional, cybersecurity columnists, industry expert, blogger, thought leader, or influencer who has a different perspective to any issue related to the cybersecurity problems, or if you think you know something which others should know, write to us.

Editorial Policies & Guidelines For Contributors

We often receive requests for article contributions. However, many of those requests are turned down as they do not conform to our editorial policies. Please read our policies carefully to determine if you qualify to write for us.

Who can write?

You should have a background and thorough knowledge of Cybersecurity. We prefer articles from certified cybersecurity/infosecurity professionals and practicing CISOs, CSOs, and other C-Suite executives. Those with a track record of working in government agencies and service industries (Banking, Telecom, Retail, Manufacturing, etc.) will be given higher preference in the validation process.

Writing Guidelines

  1. Write articles that would interest the CISO or cybersecurity professional. Refrain from explaining basic concepts. Our readers are well-versed with such concepts.
  2. Share your experiences, research, and knowledge.
  3. Write about the applications, business scenarios, best practices, business impact, trends, new technological innovation.
  4. The article should be EXCLUSIVE and never published before.

Article Length

Recommended article length: 1000 – 3,000 words.

Send your article synopsis and title to: [email protected]