SABRE Unveils Their Smallest Pepper Spray Canister on the Market

CHICAGO, June 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — SABRE, the leading brand in personal safety, trusted worldwide, continues to transform the personal protection industry with their newest device, the Mighty Discreet. Designed to make safety on-the-go easy and manageable, Mighty Discreet is an ideal personal protection device for everyday use. 

SABRE’s Mighty Discreet pepper spray offers pocket-sized protection on-the-go

With convenience in mind, Mighty Discreet is 40% smaller than traditional pepper spray canisters and is around the size of a standard lipstick tube, offering users a chance to easily fit into a pocket and carryall, or utilize the snap clip for quick detachment. Providing an additional level of safety, the Mighty Discreet features a UV marking dye to help quickly identify suspects who have been sprayed.

Also, Mighty Discreet features a twist top safety to prevent any accidental discharge and offers 16 bursts up to 12-feet away providing protection from multiple threats at a safe distance. With its small size the Mighty Discreet easily fits in any purse or clutch, running/yoga pants or jeans, making portability easy for the user with added confidence every time they leave the house. 

“Don’t let the small size fool you,” said David Nance, CEO of SABRE. “The product still packs a big punch and is able to easily deter potential threats. By listening to our consumers, we understand there is a segment of the population that prefer a smaller, more unobtrusive personal safety solution to easily take on-the-go than perhaps traditional pepper sprays. The Mighty Discreet still delivers on the same market-leading benefits of all of our SABRE products.”

Mighty Discreet is available in two distinct colors (black and mint) for $9.99 and can be found online at Amazon, Walmart, and in other leading retailers. Also, every SABRE product includes links on the packaging to free training videos to ensure that, in the face of danger, you are better prepared to safely use your pepper spray.

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SABRE, the leading brand in personal safety trusted worldwide, is family owned and operated with over four decades of experience. Stay informed by following SABRE on Facebook at @SABREredpepperspray, on Twitter @SABRERed, on Instagram @SABRESafety or by visiting

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