Security Service Value Underscored by Historical Landmark Defacement, says United Protective Services LLC

DENVER, May 28, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — A May 12 article on IFL Science reports on racist graffiti scrawled on a Native American landmark artifact believed to be more than 1,000 years old in Moab, Utah. The article also reports that this is the fourth instance of vandalism against Native American artifacts over the past year. Denver-based security company United Protective Services LLC says the acts of vandalism highlight an important yet saddening fact about people, that if someone creates something beautiful or valuable, others will want to deface it if they are uncomfortable with its message.

United Protective Services says many clients come to the security industry for help after being victims of vandalism, theft, or other petty criminal acts much like the graffiti reported in Moab. The firm notes that bad actors like to target unprotected assets like unprotected public art and equipment because the chances of facing repercussions are so low. Naturally, these bad actors target areas without any kind of authoritative presence because they don’t believe they will be caught, the firm adds.

United Protective Services says the mere presence of a security team is usually more than enough to dissuade most bad actors from approaching or interacting with a property. The firm says that, in rare cases, however, particularly belligerent people or those not in their right mind may ignore deterrence measures and act out anyways.

In cases such as these, the firm continues, security guards must know how to respond appropriately. United Protective Services says that quality security teams hire talented and disciplined guards with plenty of prior experience. The firm says that this professionalism can go a long way if a potentially violent conflict arises. Skilled guards will know how to de-escalate a situation while less experienced individuals may only make things worse, it adds. Event security guard services are one area where a low-profile yet firm approach may be required.

United Protective Services says quality security teams offer additional benefits too. The firm notes security guards are frequently the first person a customer or guest may interact with when visiting a building, and a polite encounter goes a lot further than a rude or impersonal one. Moreover, the firm says security guards can also make guests and staff feel safe. The idea that an authoritative presence exists on the property can be reassuring, especially if there are valuable assets on-site and especially if there is reason to think that an attack is possible because something about the location may present an enticing target to hate groups or others. The Denver-based security firm concludes that having quality security is especially wise when criminals are deterred and guests and staff feel safe.

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