Silicon Valley Veteran Ed Kinsey Joins Ion Channel as President

ALEXANDRIA, Va., July 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Ed Kinsey, a Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur who co-founded Ariba and helped scale DocuSign from fifty employees to thousands, has joined Ion Channel, an emerging tech company that automates vendor compliance with customers’ software security criteria on an ongoing basis. As president, Kinsey will be defining the company’s operational plan to scale its existing commercial businesses in financial services, healthcare, telecom and energy, while Ion Channel’s founder John Scott continues to run Ion Channel’s federal division, which automates software supply chain assurance for national security and defense customers.

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Silicon Valley Veteran Ed Kinsey Joins Ion Channel as President

“I’ve been blessed to have been a member of high-performance teams that combined vision, experience, and skill to see the critical needs beyond the curve in the road” says Kinsey. “Ion Channel is precisely that type of company. In a world where technology surrounds everything we do and controls everything we see, the opportunities for careless cyber hygiene or hidden threats to permeate and cause irreparable damage have grown exponentially. The Biden Administration issued the Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity on May 12, 2021, in the wake of Solarwinds and the Colonial pipeline attack, and supply chain attacks like the Kaseya breach, which affects thousands of MSPs, continue.

“The Ion Channel team has spent six years perfecting a cyber assurance and security platform to address software bills of materials (SBOMs) and has proved the capability in the highest security environments of the Federal government. I’m honored to join this team to focus on securing the software supply chain.”

“Ed’s ability to hyperscale commercial go-to-market, combined with John Scott’s experience and reputation in defense and national security, puts us in a leading position to deliver into an expanding marketplace for supplier risk management in the cyber domain,” says Ion Channel CEO JC Herz. “Ed has proved twice that he can build a high-scale company to lead a new product category, and we’re excited to work with him on a third category-defining company that gives critical infrastructure and regulated industries a grip on supplier risk.”

***About Ion Channel ***

The Ion Channel’s software supply chain security and automation platform continuously ingests software supply chain data. Ion Channel ingests, creates and monitors a Software Bills of Material (SBOM) for thousands of software products and components, analyzes supplier risk metrics and automates pass/fail security rules. The Ion Channel platform is purpose built for software supply chain assurance, risk management and monitoring at scale to help enterprises more deeply understand the extent of their supply chain attack surface and to differentiate suppliers based on security posture and time to remediation.

Ion Channel’s metered business model keeps SBOMs continuously monitored at an affordable price, with no seat licensing and full API access to detailed supply chain data that can flow into Security Operations Centers (SOCs), configuration management (CMDB), software asset (SAM) systems and procurement systems (3PR, TPRM and GRC). This data can be shared and exchanged between customers and suppliers, regulators, auditors and accreditors to enable end-to-end supply chain risk management. Ion Channel’s automated verification of active software maintenance and supplier security response allows customers to enforce terms and conditions related to software supply chain risk management and cyber hygiene, and to preferentially select suppliers who meet security criteria on an ongoing basis. 

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