Turing’s Video Surveillance Assessment Program Helps You Determine if Your Surveillance Cameras are Subject to the Newly-Announced FCC & NDAA Ban

SAN MATEO, Calif., June 28, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Video surveillance cameras depend on FCC-authorized airwaves to stream their feeds. Last week, the FCC announced a revision to a current policy that will ban new FCC authorizations on any equipment on their “Covered List” of equipment, which include many brands of cameras already in circulation. What will be banned? Any equipment on the “Covered List” will be prohibited from obtaining equipment authorization, i.e., they will no longer be able to stream content on FCC airwaves.

How can businesses know if their cameras are in danger of being banned? Turing Video has created a Video Surveillance Assessment program to help decision makers determine if they’ve installed not only the best Video Surveillance Solution for their business, they will also assess if your business has installed cameras that are included on the FCC Covered List, and in danger of being banned.


Turing’s Video Surveillance Solution Assessment covers 2 key areas:

1. Do you know if your cameras are NDAA-banned, and in danger of being banned from FCC authorization? Turing starts with a physical examination of your cameras to assess their NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) compliance, and/or included on the FCC Covered List. Some entities and OEM manufacturers make it difficult to determine if the camera is produced by a Covered List company. Turing uses 3 different points of assessment to determine if your cameras are on the list and in danger of eventual decommissioning. This is an ever-evolving issue, and Turing is on top of the latest proposals that could get cameras made by some companies banned.

“There has been a lot of news lately about the security of some surveillance technology and given the FCC ruling this past week regarding a ban on non-NDAA compliant cameras, many companies are unsure what all the chatter may mean for their current system. As experts in the field, we wanted to offer a quick and easy way for companies using video surveillance to assess their current environment for potential security risks and gaps, and help them sort through all the noise.” said Yi Jin, Ph.D. Vice President of Marketing for Turing.

2. Are you getting the most out of your video surveillance system and cameras? While many video surveillance solutions focus on physical security, your cameras may also be capable of providing cutting-edge business analytics and insights to transform your safety and security. There are roughly 50 million video surveillance cameras in use in the United States right now. Turing assesses the additional capabilities of your cameras to help you maximize your investment.

According to Yi Jin, Ph.D., “Many businesses are only using ⅓ of the capabilities of their cameras, throwing away thousands and thousands of dollars per year. Turing’s assessment identifies areas where you may be able to get more bang for your buck with your system, and delivers a plan to bridge the gap between your current and optimal use based upon your business needs.”


In addition to the assessment of your surveillance cameras compliance and capabilities, everyone who enrolls in the FREE Video Surveillance Assessment program from Turing Video is eligible to receive Turing’s Algorithm Trial toolkit. The toolkit provides select algorithms based on your business requirements for you to upload and test for 30 days.

An important differentiator of Turing’s offers is access to data. Surveillance data is traditionally stored either on premises or in the cloud for 60-90 days, or another specified period of time. With Turing, events are stored in the Turing Cloud for access when needed, and not all events are moved to the cloud. Through a combination of an NVR on-premises and Turing’s AI-powered tagging system, abnormal events are detected and moved to the Turing Cloud for retrieval at any time.

Additionally, the U.S. government is exploring establishing a fund to help companies offset the cost of replacing banned cameras. Should this fund become available, Turing Video will help prepare the RFP request for funds as part of your Video Surveillance Assessment.


Go to Video Surveillance Assessment Link to sign up for your complimentary Video Surveillance Assessment with one of our experts and receive a customized report and 30-day Trial Kit offer.

The safety and security of your business depends on your video surveillance solution. Make sure yours is compliant and optimized starting now.


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