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270k People Breached by Construction Management Software – Unknown Third Party Strikes Again

On the 2nd of April TurgenSec published a Responsible Disclosure Notice announcing that they had disclosed a data breach to Procore. 

What is 

Procore is a software company that provides cloud-based construction management software. Procore was recently valued at $5 billion. 

The breach appears relate to, but this is not confirmed.

TurgenSec also claimed…

This breach was accessed and downloaded by at least one unknown third party.

According to the TurgenSec Responsible Disclosure Notice

TurgenSec claims that the breach contains 270,360 unique email addresses and several other data points on individuals.

TurgenSec also issued a request to Procore saying…

We encourage Procore to submit the breached data to digital forensics specialists to ascertain the extent of this data breach.

We also encourage Procore to inform the ICO if there is UK citizens data contained within and to issue a public disclosure of this data breach explaining how this datastore breach occurred, and the full extent of what was breached so that the impacted individuals can take the necessary steps to protect themselves.

Procore is a construction management software company that recently raised at a $5 billion valuation after postponing their IPO.

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