Contactless payments with an implant in your hand? Accepted anywhere in the world? Now it is possible!

The future becomes a reality. The first globally accepted and completely biologically safe payment implant is a fact! The device installed under the skin allows you to replace your bulky wallet with a convenient alternative to a credit card. Walletmor – with certified ISO bio-compatibility – is available to every resident of the European Economic Area for only 199 Euro.

This is a revolution for the cashless and contactless payments market. The race for cardless payments has been theoretical so far. Attempts with facial and eye scan payments have fizzled. The first commercially viable solution turned out to be an implant placed under the skin. The Walletmor payment implant is safe as it cannot be tracked, hacked, or copied. It is also much more convenient as one can pay with it wherever contactless payments with most popular credit or debit cards are supported.

– Until now no one has produced a payment implant that is safe and accepted all over the world – says Wojciech Paprota, creator of Walletmor, British-Polish start-up company. – Our implant has been checked numerous times and got certified according to bio-compatibility standards ISO 10993-5:2009E and 10993-12:2021E. It’s easy to be implanted as procedure is simple and we provide a list of certified places all over EU and UK. Last but not least: it’s valid for 8 years. That’s much longer that your credit card that you’ve probably lost at least once already – sums up Paprota.

Small and safe device

The Walletmor payment implant is a small device, the size of a safety pin and about half a millimeter thick, consisting of an integrated circuit and a metal sheath acting as an antenna, enclosed in a hermetic bio-housing. The biopolymer was created by scientists from laboratories of VivoKey Technologies Inc. from Seattle, the largest producer of its kind in the world implementing the entire digital identity ecosystem. The biopolymer – technically speaking – is the so-called medical plastic for the production of medical devices, which has current biocompatibility certificates confirming compliance with the ISO 10993 standard.

Easy to operate

The financial operation of the Walletmor payment implant is based on the world-wide contactless and wireless Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, used, among others, when paying with VISA or Mastercard. One only needs to set up an account on the European iCard platform and transfer some money there.Importantly, the implant is a passive device and does not have its own power source (battery). It does not generate any radio waves on its own and is only activated with a contactless payment terminal, and only at a very short distance. It’s impossible to track someone with a Walletmor implant.

Always by your side

More and more people in Poland are opting for a payment implant procedure. Why? One of the main reasons is security. As evidenced by the latest nationwide survey conducted by the research laboratory BIOSTAT, over 72 percent of Poles are concerned about the theft of their wallet with payment cards. Researchers asked Poles if they had ever lost their wallet or payment card. It turns out that more than one in three respondents had lost their wallet or payment card. This question was answered in the affirmative by 38.3% of respondents. Interestingly, residents of large cities (43.7%) are more likely to lose their cards or wallets than rural residents (26.4%). BIOSTAT also asked directly about respondents’ concerns about whether someone might steal their wallet with payment cards. Over 72% of respondents answered „yes”. No wallet – no worries Respondents were asked if they had ever wanted to buy something over the past 6 months, but did not have cash or a payment card on hand. Nearly half of Poles answered in the affirmative (43.5%). During the survey, Poles were asked whether they would like to use an implant that could be used to pay everywhere, as well as for other activities (e.g. opening doors, using a city card, storing their own medical data), if it was completely free? As many as 47.3% of Poles answered yes to this question.

Safe and Simple

Almost 400 people across Great Britain, Germany, Poland and Scandinavian countries are already making payments using our implant every day. Implantation is painless and takes only 15 minutes. Currently, there are 52 recommended Walletmor professional implant installers in 25 countries across EU; they also include traditional hospitals, clinics and aesthetic medicine laboratories.

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