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Cybersecurity Course Now Offered at RQC Group

RQC Group, a compliance firm operating in both the US and the UK, have recently launched a series of courses on cybersecurity.

The courses aim to help financial managers, as well as other relevant professionals, to keep up to date on current cybersecurity arrangements, and their impact on both financial and legal markets.

An RQC spokesperson has commented the following on the new release of cybersecurity courses:

We are very excited to be introducing more online courses which allow managers and their employees to stop, start, pick up, fast-forward and rewind at their convenience. We offer a Q&A at the end, allowing users to consolidate their learnings and test their knowledge.”

We acknowledge the growing nature of cybersecurity and its paramount importance in today’s financial world. Employers and managers should embrace the opportunity to access vital knowledge and information through our virtual courses, whether taking them in the office or when working remotely.”

In addition to their new cybersecurity courses, the spokesperson continued, “We have also introduced a series of e-Learning courses relating to financial crime and anti-money laundering, all key for working in today’s financial markets. We want employees to have access to all types of cyber attacks from phishing scams to identity fraud.

The Courses

Within this new collection, the RQC Group have created three cybersecurity courses, prices starting at £24 per course.

The first offers a 45-minute introduction into cybersecurity training. The second, a more comprehensive training around this area, designed for US financial institutions – this course is 90 minutes long and costs £42 per course. The third is the advanced training, aimed at US financial institutions, which lasts 120 minutes and costs £54 per course.

The RQC Group

The RQC Group is a compliance consultancy, and has been in operation since 2007. The Group is best known for their compliance work, having helped thousands of companies to work properly under both SEC licenses and FCA licenses.

In addition to their latest cybersecurity courses, the RQC Group also offer SMCR Compliance e-Learning courses – particularly relevant given the current 31st March 2021 deadline, whereby all of the 60,000 FCA regulated UK firms’ senior managers and employees will have to become SMCR compliant.

RQC Group state the following on their website regarding their SMRC solutions: “Our offering is created by compliance experts who advise firms on their regulatory obligations on a daily basis, so we are best placed to understand the regulatory needs of firms and how SMCR impacts them.”

We have created our toolkits and CPD certified online training courses to ensure that implementation can be carried out swiftly and effectively, while making sure that it is appropriate depending on a firm’s classification.”

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