Exploring Calgary-Based Big Data Industry through Key Corporate Innovators

As technology continues advancing at a relentless pace, industries are turning to big data solutions to navigate their way into the future. From augmented reality to big data, industrial automation to SaaS, various companies are taking bold strides to leverage cutting-edge technologies and bring about transformative industry changes. This article takes a look into some of these innovative companies based in Calgary, Alberta, that are making waves in the field of Big Data.

Amongst the several companies pushing boundaries, some are utilizing healing artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data to devise unique solutions catering to various industry requirements. These solutions are helping businesses to become more efficient, discover unexpected insights, and make informed strategic decisions.

The article explores a selection of companies, taking a closer look at their core services, origins, and key individuals. It also includes links to the companies’ websites and social media platforms, providing a hub of information for anyone interested in big data.


ZeroKey, founded by Hugh McMillan and Matt Lowe, is a trailblazing hardware startup in the industrial internet-of-things space. ZeroKey has introduced an innovative sensor technology competent in hyper-accurate real-time 3D localization. This ground-breaking technology, the Smart Space, is revolutionizing processes in factories and warehouses around the world, including 6 of the top 10 major automotive OEMs.


Arbor, founded by Abdullah Choudhry, Alex Todorovic, Ben Grande, and Danny Grande, is a unique data science platform. Arbor leverages proprietary environmental and societal datasets to allow companies to measure, improve and showcase the sustainability of their products. Arbor is aiding both consumers and brands to make more sustainable choices in product purchasing and production methods, respectively.


Founded by Randy Dempsey, Tveon is a pioneering video engineering company. Tveon has designed exceptional video compression and encoding software. It utilizes self-learning AI to optimize how video information is experienced.


BlackSquare, founded by David Gluzman and Matthew Protti, is a leading figure in direct-to-consumer technologies for the alcoholic beverage industry.


Created by Brent Lane and Brett Jones, HeyAuto is revolutionizing the car buying experience. By providing a comprehensive listing of vehicles, HeyAuto enables buyers to find an ideal vehicle that suits their needs, and does so by introducing never-before-seen technology in the auto industry.

Mercator AI

Mercator AI, founded by Chloe Smith and Hogan Lee, streamlines business developers’ operations by providing insightful data. They analyze millions of construction data points to expedite project and partner findings.


Specializing in big data, Ownly helps businesses with data analysis, customer experience, sales, and lead generation.


Co-founded by Connor Burns and EJ Burrows, Skymatics is stepping up the game by leveraging machine learning and geospatial information to quantify crop damages from aerial imagery.


Founded by Christy Tomkins-Lane, Matthew Smuck, and Richard Hu, Vivametrica uses data from wearable sensor devices to assess health and wellness, bridging the gap between wearable fitness applications and actionable data.

SDK Tek Services

Under the leadership of its founder David Keith, SDK Tek Services continues to make strides in the field of analytics, big data and machine learning.


Founded by Barbara Soriano Moe, Cameron Schaus, and Henning Moe, Troglo has created an in-store analytics tool that helps businesses analyze big data and achieve results rapidly.

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