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Ring smart doorbells to trial customer video end-to-end encryption for better security

Ring has launched a technical preview of video end-to-end encryption to bolster the security of home video feeds. This week, the Amazon-owned smart doorbell maker said the feature is currently being rolled out to customers in order to elicit feedback, and if it proves to be successful, end-to-end video encryption could eventually be offered to users that want to add an “additional layer of security to their videos” as an opt-in feature.

“We will continue to innovate and invest in features that empower our neighbors with the ability to easily view, understand, and manage how their videos and information stay secure with Ring,” the company says.

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When we researched Ring equipment when they hit the market, they carried all the hallmarks of IoT technology rushed to market, including undocumented possibilities to extract the Wi-Fi passwords from the devices and a range of other risks privately disclosed to Ring at the time. It is good to see that those issues are long gone, and that the vendor is pushing forwards to increase the control over information it offers to its users. It should be noted however that adding encryption for the feeds as such rely entirely on the vendor, which is already what is safeguarding the information today – the initiative is good, but the primary risk, the vendor or an entity accessing information via the vendor, still remain. Completely regardless of this, it’s still great to see something that had potential but also substantial challenges rise to take a very serious positioning in regards to security.

 Martin Jartelius, CSO at Outpost24

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