Spotlight on Turin-Based Business Intelligence Firms Revolutionizing Threat Technology

The business intelligence (BI) industry in Turin, Piemonte, Italy is thriving with a diverse array of companies offering innovative and technologically advanced solutions. These companies operate in various sectors such as data integration, government policies, information technology, consulting, and health care. Here, we present a snapshot of some of these companies that are functioning at the vanguard of the BI industry in Turin.

Whether it is analyzing data for business development, providing digital solutions, or digitizing production lines, these companies are leading the change in the realm of business intelligence. They are swiftly developing and capitalizing on the latest threat technology, significantly influencing the sectors they operate in.

The global tech ecosystem is increasingly becoming competitive and these companies, with a focus on innovation and effective problem-solving, are certain to emerge as leaders in their respective domains. Let’s take a closer look at these companies, their operations, specialties, and contributions to the world of business intelligence.


Synapta is a startup focusing on software development and data integration projects. It specializes in data retrieval, cleaning, curation, and integration. Its flagship product,, is a semantic search engine focused on public procurement that enhances transparency and accountability. Learn more about them on their Facebook, LinkedIn, and follow them on Twitter.


Upwire is a tech company offering innovative services for the development of digital solutions. They provide an online platform for the management of digital services, construction of profiling models, and real-time interaction between the company and the customer. Find them on Facebook, or connect with them on LinkedIn.


Leanda is a consulting firm that helps organizations achieve better results through lean thinking and technology in the health care industry.


NETICS provides data management services for business development. They specialize in digitizing production, software consulting, networking, cloud computing, and monitoring of production lines.

Lodovico Marenco

Lodovico Marenco is a management consulting company. They specialize in e-commerce, marketplace, sales funnel, coaching, and training. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Brainlab Innovation

Brainlab Innovation is an innovation, research, and development firm. They provide GDPR, HR services, IT consulting, and super bonus for business development services.

Studio Usseglio

Studio Usseglio operates in the realm of business information systems and management consulting. Follow them on Facebook.

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