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What Problem Are You Trying to Solve?

Sath has been on the cutting edge of Identity and Access Management solutions and Cybersecurity for the past 17 years.

Initially, we operated as an Integrator and Managed Service provider, working with several Fortune 500 companies on various leading IAM platforms.

Our unique position of servicing multiple platforms and customers gave us a unique insight and opportunity to see the pros and cons of each system and identify the pain points that users were consistently having.

In 2020, we pivoted our operations and became dedicated to launching our own proprietary SaaS application.

Our goal was to create a solution that fixes common client frustrations, adds in the most frequent user requests, and even builds many of the “maybe someday” features most of the industry is planning for “someday”.

How Are You Solving That Problem?

With any IAM platform, there are really 3 core problems you have to solve.

How do businesses know who has access to which parts of their systems? What rights do they have, and are they supposed to?

If you’re dealing with compliance issues, this is a big one. If you’re a CFO, you need to know if you’re not overpaying for unused software or seats.

For us, we created IDHub to allow administrators, C-level users, or anyone that needs the ability to see who has access to everything, what their access level is, and the ability to reconcile and certify that data for compliance.

Displaying accurate Insights at the right time could make a world of difference regarding spending on software.

How do businesses limit their exposure to data breaches when you have countless employees with various rights and access, and who knows how many passwords?

This is really a two-part problem. First, you have to move to a passwordless or single-sign-on environment and eliminate all the vulnerable passwords in your business.

We give clients the ability to use any authentication they want. We natively integrate with pure SSO solutions and Google, Active Directory, and more than a dozen other authentication tools. The second part is where IDHub really shines, and that’s controlling what access people have.

IDHub stores all digital user identities and access levels in a central location so you can quickly audit all accounts to find instances of the wrong level of access and move towards a policy of least privilege needed.

How can you cut down the time and errors involved with manually adding, modifying, or removing user access?

All Identity Management systems are going to provide a streamlined approach to onboarding new users. It’s the flexibility aspect where we feel other solutions have fallen short, which leads me to the areas that I think IDHub stands out.

Those are the basic core issues every organization needs to solve. We’ve taken our solution a step further, attacking the all-too-common problems we’ve seen over and over.

How can you cut down on the exploding cost of IT techs it takes to manage all of your assets and users throughout their lifecycle?

We differ from other solutions by taking the traditional IT responsibilities and slashing them. IDHub allows you to implement connected, automated workflows of identities and permissions that do not require manual work.

Additionally, we’ve handed most of the day-to-day tasks over to the users. Managers, HR, or anyone you delegate to, can handle nearly all of the functions of IDHub, including onboarding users, approving new requests, adding or removing access, even provisioning new applications. (automated)

Newer cloud-based environments are widely considered easier to manage and secure and are a perfect solution for most use cases. But, for companies that have spent millions on their current solution, how do they migrate to the cloud without scrapping their current solution?

The short answer is, you don’t have to. IDHub sits on top of other On-Prem or cloud solutions, connects to them just like any other application, gives you all the benefits, the centralized interface, and manages all of your assets.

Then you gradually move over applications connections to the cloud without disrupting the users so you can get up and running with no downtime.

Another big issue is launch time, how do you cut down the typical 16-24 weeks to something like 1-4?

Our solution is cloud-native, so there is no real lead time for infrastructure. It’s limited only by the time it takes to plan out who needs access to what. New applications can typically be uploaded to IDHub in minutes. Users can be imported from other systems just as fast. Rules can start simple and be built without code by anyone in your organization, as quickly as you can create a Visio diagram.

Through timely, accurate insights, executives could empower executives to save both their time and untold amounts of budget to the company.

Finally, possibly the most significant advantage of IDHub is that we wanted to find a way to break the prohibitive cost of entry to Identity Management that’s preventing 1000’s of SMBs from securing their networks?

Our solution scales dramatically. With this, we can pass on economies of scale to our clients while providing them with a fully functional system suitable for a

Are There Any Other Issues or Problems You’ve Seen That You Are Solving That Make You Stand Out or Differ from the Competition?

We’ve accomplished a few unique concepts because we saw a need for them and they solve common industry-related issues.

One is the general lack of knowledge regarding what Identity Management is or why it’s needed within organization infrastructure.

Everyone needs this solution but does not know it exists. This is similar to an exchange server in the 90s. Only large organizations had the resources to implement it. Now enterprise email is a commodity.

Unless you’re in this specific industry, users generally don’t understand the issues at hand. We also know that most security breaches unintentionally come from inside the organizational walls, which is a colossal problem.

We’ve designed IDHub to be a resource for every person in an organization for all access-related requests and tasks.

Every user can log in and view all available resources, like Applications, Entitlements, Roles, or any type of service request from a single pane of glass.

Service requests are another considerable part of IDHub that sets us apart.

Service requests are entirely customizable to each organization’s needs. They allow anyone to create processes to request support, facilities requests, physical item requests like a new laptop or keycard for building access, or anything you can think up that your organization might need to construct a request for. Again, no coding or tech experience is required.

We’ve made IDHub easy for users to view every other user in the organization and see what applications they have access to. We also added the ability to save and share lists of requestable items and share those lists with other users for one-off projects, limited-time clients, travel, tradeshows, special events, or any other need.

We understand the more users are engaged with a system, the more they will understand it and feel comfortable utilizing all the available tools.

The easier a system is to use, the more adoption it will have, and more adoption increases security.

 IDHub was designed with the user in mind first, and then we determined how to build it. So far, users love IDHub. Therefore, we will continue to focus on giving people what they want and need.

How Do People Get Involved/Buy into Your Vision?

Our SaaS cloud solution has just launched, and we’re starting to onboard our newest members.

Right now, we are looking for both new partners and businesses to take on board for our first phase.

We want feedback from as many different real-world users as possible to make the system more efficient for everyone. As a result, we have some fantastic offers which won’t be available for long.

You can sign up for a demo at

In addition, we’re starting to reach out to potential partners to service and implement new accounts for their clients.

If you’d like to get a jump on the competition, you can contact us at

Arun Binaykia


Sath Inc.

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